Elevate Web Builder

For those looking for an alternative for web development, ewb might be worth taking a look at.

I have been following their progress for a while. ewb3 just got released, It is pascal based, and the price isnt too bad I think at $359


Warning: The ide is windows only :open_mouth:

Wow, the 2 demo apps work really fast and are responsive, debugger looks so much more complete, and has tons of controls right out of the box, servers have multithreading and the installer is les than 60Mb wow.

However, the logic looks like not as straightforward :thinking:
I will make some tests tomorrow.

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like Object Pascal for web backs ends

This looks super intriguing, but looking up the database support I don’t know if I can use it yet. I would absolutely need my dev tool to support SQLite, but the only way to do so would be through ODBC :confused:

Elevate Web Builder comes with built-in support for ElevateDB, DBISAM, and ADO/OLEDB/ODBC databases in the Elevate Web Builder web server.

I think its only their server solution that is windows only.

if you dont use that, you can use any backend you like, and any database I think.

Write your front end in EWB, and backend REST server in B4J/mysql/sqlite

Then I severely misunderstood the point of this product. I thought it would be a more direct self-contained replacement. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you use both server and client from ewb, it is. but you have the option of using another backend.


With Xojo everything is on the server side.

with ewb, the frontend is compiled to pure javascript client side, and can run on any webserver, but you can also write your backend services there, and use the ewb web server, which makes it pretty self contained

yeah I noticed they said the front end was compiled to javascript which gives a lot of flexibility on what you use for the back end

Would it be worth investigating how to use Xojo Web as a backend through a REST API?


The xojo advantage is the RAD part. For back end is better almost any other server (multithreading, etc)

Good to know! That’s why I asked :smiley:

If anyone is wondering if xojo is missing events in web 2.0, compare these two text fields, ewb on the left, xojo on the right…:

Why Xojo, whyyyy…?


Just a litle morning rant… :sleepy:

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I did say it from the first release Xojo messed up their event system design (https://alwaysbusycorner.com/), which generates enormous traffic between the browser and the server. Because of it, they simply can’t give you more events because it will even more be a drain on performance (and it is already bad). As long as you don’t process such events on the browser side (like this tool and BANano do), they just can’t give them to you.

The result is Web 2.0 is again just a toy to spice up the tool just for marketing reasons (‘look at all the platforms we support!’). Reality is, it is not suitable for real-world big applications without users having to go back to injecting normal CSS/Javascript if they want those events, hence missing the RAD part completely. It heavily will rely again on users writing (rightfully, paid) plugins to solve their problems. Should’ve come right out-of-the-box. And some plugin writers are really pissed off after losing so much code with the recent API 2.0 debacle, so no one can say for sure if they will.

And if Web 2.0 is anything like their iOS platform, not much will change by Xojo in the near (read years) future.


yeah, very sad :frowning: it is, well they can sail away for all I care…

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No compare the out of the box available controls :upside_down_face:

yeah, and Elevate Software is less than half the workforce I think…

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I believe Tim is a force of one. Not unusual for small RAD companies.

wow, that says something…

Speaking of client-side events, here’s a partial list of Alpha Anywhere’s grid - see image…

Windows, of course.

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I think I remember that someone from Xojo said somewhere that they will never have “client side” code because that is so extremely difficult or something like that and users should dont even think about that…

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