Elevate Web Builder

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:thinking: You were mentioned (or you commented) in that thread actually. Something like, If he could do it from scratch, it is not so difficult as xojo says:stuck_out_tongue:

Another option to consider is SpiderBasic for the client side (compiles to JS) and PureBasic server side (CGI or FastCGI). They share the same syntax but neither is dependent on the other so if you’d rather use PHP server side you can do that too, e.g. by using JSON-RPC.

SpiderBasic also enables you to build apps for Android / iOS using the Apache Cordova runtime.

PureBasic can be used for making desktop apps (Linux, Mac and Windows) but the included widgets are a bit limited.

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WOW, 49 euros and the web apps look like this:

I cant imagine doing something like this in Xojo, But, it is all code and no designer?

There isn’t a form designer with the SpiderBasic IDE but PureBasic includes one which outputs code that can also be used with SpiderBasic: