Detrimental marketing

Certain companies have developed a great talent for alienating their customers with marketing tricks. Xojo Inc is a great example we all know too well.

Here’s another one I’d like to share with you:
Claris published a new version on FileMaker this week. In their forum’s product announcement this piece can be found:

over 500 improvements were made — many of them were first identified by Claris Community members in the Report a product issue topic.

Product issues are reported bugs. The marketing piece above now calls bug fixes ‘improvement’.

A member of the community dared to ask what these 500 fixes actually are. Here’s question and answer:

The release notes only cover a few fixes which the vendor deems necessary to inform their customers about.

In short the story goes like

  • Hey customer, we have a new version with 500 improvements (fixes). That’s so great, go and buy it!

  • That’s nice, I am a developer and need to know which 500 bugs got fixed

  • We’ve let you know some of the fixes in the release notes. The ones we want you to know. The rest of those 500 fixes we are boasting about is none of your business.

They’ve lost many customers and developers over the last years and the exodus goes on. I don’t get it that even when customers and developers leave in numbers they don’t change. Anyone has an explanation?

P.S. if the guy continued to ask for an answer he’d get lambasted by the MVPs there.

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Another Marketing thing…

So it’s called FM 2023, but it’s really v20.x.



That’s when a software company is run by marketing people. :nauseated_face:

The German-speaking community has a single thread with about 30 posts about this new version. People are less than thrilled.

The most discussed topic in the English-speaking independent FileMaker forum is the new logo.

The new FM Icon is really busy too. Same with Claris Connect. So complicated and abstract.



Looks like someone in Claris’ marketing has bad nightmares :grinning:

… featuring Pacman.


I first thought it was the BMW logo but from a crashed vehicle.

Claris recently posted questions to developers, asking for frank answers. These answers are now rolling in:

I was quite surprised that after a decade of ‘we don’t discuss our stuff with developers, get used to it’ they try to find out what went wrong. We told them in 2013 and 2014 at developer conferences in Germany and Switzerland…

Will Xojo ever get to that point (without going bust before)?

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In a way those sort of questions make you think something twigged them to even ask
Was it a loss of renewals/revenue ?
Constant complaints ?
Or what ?
That would be very interesting to know - but I doubt we would ever

the third reply , from Lemmtech (Customer), that starts

Hi Rosemary,
Nice of you to ask and God knows I am not one to hold back my opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

but remove “Claris” and you might think these replies are to our green friends


It really does mean something when Claris openly asks for this kind of feedback. Many developers have tried to convey their message for years, in vain. Now, the flow of suggestions and comments is well below 60 posts in the two threads together, no more posts coming in now. It is eerily silent. Many, many developers have left the community.
Same thing will happen to Xojo if they won’t change course.


and I bet they won’t. It is in their DNA not to change course.


Here’s another thread that illustrates how a marketing and product strategy that totally misses the developer’s needs and requirements makes a new product dead on arrival:

Similarities with some other vendor’s ‘iOS’, ‘Android’ and ‘Mobile’ efforts are purely coincidental.

→ Darwin’s law…

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today i had to change a few checkboxes to toggleSwitches in JavaFX. I was prepard to a major disaster, but nope. Basically they both only give back true or false. I changed my UI in the visual designer, renamed the variables through change in one place (refactoring by the IDE) => done.

If I had not used cb as a prefix and ts as the prefix for toggleSwitches it would have been enough to just change the controlType … but hey why following a smart approach, if you can complicate your life with the green software :slight_smile:

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are you using ControlFx for the toggleSwitches??


I’d go back to FileMaker as my tool of choice if they’d fix the pricing. I just want FileMaker Server Advanced with unlimited Web Direct seats.

I don’t think I’d go back to Xojo even if most of the bugs were fixed. It’s just not cross platform anymore and the abstractions are significantly weaker now.

But with FileMaker you can write one ‘app’ for all targets other than dealing with a Mobile Screen dimensions.

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New logo: :nauseated_face:


They are also part of the javafx ui without controlsfx