Current Office Setup

Having seen a few pics in another topic about people’s current work environment, I thought it might be fun to post your own here (no obligation obviously!).

Here’s mine:

The desk on the right is my radiology reporting station.

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I hate people like you! My “office” is no where near as neat and organized


the pic I posted the other day was

my office in its “clean” state

  • note deliberately dim lighting to hid all the other crap in the back ground :slight_smile:
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Yeah it is a little messy - left a pen on the desk :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was about to say it doesn’t look like he does anything! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually, very good timing for this. We just finished swapping my office with my son’s bedroom. My office was a much bigger room in the basement. But my college kid needed more room and a more isolated space of his own. Forced me to “downsize” - meaning toss a lot of junk I really didn’t need! Let’s see how long I can maintain this organization. :wink:


a few years back when I had an office with a door.

now, I work in the front entry way with a standing desk I built from scratch :slight_smile:

no standing desk would be complete with out a monitor popping out from it :slight_smile:

dont forget lighting! :slight_smile:

and video of monitor rising in action (Yes, I know its slow… but still works)

also, here is a view before I put the siding on:


But you’re cheating! You have a chair at your standing desk!

But very cool setup!

ty :slight_smile:

actually, chair is long gone… now I have bar stools :slight_smile:

Nice! All you are missing is a disco ball lol

The other night I posted a pic of my home office but it was late and it didn’t look as it looks on a daily basis. Updated:

My real office is a bit better organized. But I like working here better.

I need to clean up the other side of the room where I store my photography gear.

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Al these clean and organized workstations! No chance I’m going to post my mess after seeing these.

Hey ! I resent that ! Mine is an

organized disaster area

So my wife tells me :slight_smile:


Wow @SpeedLimitChallenger Epic desk!

I love the huge amount of photography gear @HMARROQUINC. Like I keep telling my wife - I just need “one more lens”!


Welcome to the world of GAS!

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OH thats not what GAS means here :slight_smile:

Although you usually hear “I dont give a shit” or “No GAS” !!!


There are others as well … but … we’ll keep it tame


Oh I know quite a few… I have a drunken sailor mouth :wink:

Are the emojis a new thing in the forum? I haven’t noticed them before.

In the like/dislike/etc thingy

the like dislike ones were just added a week or so ago
the others you can put in a post have been there the whole time