Club of the flagged by the "community" on TOF

Well, another deleted post by the censorship :laughing:

In the thread:

As answer to:

I just write:

And, in minutes the notification, “the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.”

It was really offensive or abusive? What guideline did it violates? :roll_eyes:

Emile was “flagged by the community” for a very harmless

That “community” needs to get its head out of its backside …


emiles post was off topic


I can see why someone might be tempted to respond like that, but in my experience some non-native speakers come across more blunt, terse or stilted so you really should give them a mulligan.

There’s a long form version of his questions that likely wouldn’t have appeared as objectionable.

I always used to think Thomas T was being a jerk about how he’d respond to things
Then I met him and we talked (he’s a decent guy FWIW)
Turns out how HE uses english is different than how I use english
Where a native speaker might say “you should do …” he often would say “you MUST do …”
And while both are imperative they have vastly different meaning

When talking face to face though I could ask "do yea mean should " and sometimes he would say “oh yes of course” and so it was less demanding than it first sounded

So yeah I try to give non-native english speaker the benefit of the doubt (note I said TRY - I’m not always successful and sometimes catch myself forgetting that difference) But I try

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That’s a common mistake us Germans make. In German we mostly use “Du must…” where English speakers say “You should…”. And the German “Du must” is much less demanding than the English “You must”. It’s a really nice example of “false friends”. :wink:

No, it wasn’t.

He didn’t provide answers by saying he could give answers but as he wasn’t successful in his own tries probably he shouldn’t, but it was on topic.

The first one saying it looked like the outline of a book ?
That seemed off topic to me

But I cant flag anything so … my opinion really doesnt count over there

EDIT : at the very least it didnt “add to the conversation” other than to say “sorry no I cant” which would be a violation of Xojo’s rules


No, not off topic.

In fact, the OP question could be the preliminaries to a book.

And, this is my second flag.

The first one was because I shared a Microsoft Windows link to “How to create an Icon”, dated from August 2020 (or so), but in the text (I read it after sending the link) was talking about using Freehand by (name of the 20/30 years ago owner).

The OP says it “used a Vectorial software to create its icon as was writing somewhere” and that document says… exactly that.

Back to off topic: I received (last year I think) an off topic answer that was exactly what I needed. My question was not incorrect. The answer was. And I thanked the answer’s author. I was really happy.

BTW: thank you Markus for telling me I was flagged. I could stay many days without knowing that as I will leave home tomorrow and I do not really know when I will come back…

At last, in another Topic, in a screen shot the OP set a “Cancel / Stop” button (macOS) at the window’s right: I do not answered.

Personally I didnt and still dont care about replies like that
They dont bother me
But thats there this is here

I share this problem too; I guess most of us (non-native english speakers) just use english between how we learnt it and how we use our native language.
Add to this that we’re usually not corrected by other readers, we take wrong/bad habits over time.
I’m sure I’ve derived from what I learnt in school, mixing what I read on the Internet everyday (which isn’t always correctly written) and other languages syntax. In school, we get corrected; that’s no longer the case.

I know many occurrences where what I wrote was incorrectly interpreted, but I can understand it’s not the reader’s fault.

Again incorrect. He did say that he failed in his own attempts, which (a) is a hard thing to admit, and (b) is useful information as it emphasises that the vast majority of users will NOT be successful developers able to make a living from Xojo…

In your opinion - and apparently not that of others who did flag it

:thinking: They are ALL incorrect :grin:

But seriously, if you think only answers like “Yes, I managed to build a successful business on Xojo” are answers to the OP’s question, but not “I failed at it, it’s not as easy as it might be portrayed by some”, then you are right.

Otherwise Emile was on topic.

I think he was on topic, and I can explain WHY I think he was on topic.

Over to all those who disagree - explain your argument for him NOT being on topic?

(and no, Emile’s sometimes hard to follow way of expressing himself does not count)

The topic was answering the OP’s questions. Emile’s comment had a mocking flavor to it. Totally unhelpful.

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Well, all the best for your journey - I fear it might be a medical one, so depart with my best wishes …

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That’s YOUR reading on it. If you have read several of Emile’s comments then you’d know that his grasp of English is sometimes … tentative (and sometimes it sounds as if he is on a bad trip and you wonder what he is on). Mine can be deliberately mocking, even acerbic - Emile’s can’t, at least not deliberately.

And btw, I guess you mean “the post”, not “the topic” … :wink:

If I meant post I would have written post. I meant topic so I wrote topic.

I will grant that I may have misinterpreted Emile’s tone. But my conclusion remains the same, it was unhelpful

So this

is not helpful information to someone asking

Can Xojo Turn me Into a Professional developer?

in your opinion?

And topic is non-sensical in contest. You could write “the aim” or “the thread was about” or “the topic/question was if the poster can become a professional developer with Xojo” (which Emile contributed pertinent information to).

But “The topic was answering the OP’s questions” makes no sense in English since “topic” is synonymous with “question” or “the subject under discussion”, which means you basically wrote “The question was answering the OP’s questions”.

I don’t know why you’re reposting Emile’s comment I read it on TOF And now, I’ve read it again. Still appears unhelpful. Imagine if everyone felt the urge to respond, what is in effect, “I don’t know” to peoples questions on the forum. Scrolling through 500+ variations hoping for an answer. It’s a waste of everyone’s time, including Emile’s. He had nothing to offer, no need to broadcast that fact.

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