Blimey! VMware Fusion 12 free for private use 👍

Excellent news. For details see

I like that it’s free, but the mishmash of font sizes and colors on that page (as well as how awkward their whole website is) make me not want to even give it a try!

It’s actually not so much a “mishmash of font sizes and colors“ but the use of some pictures in the blog that have text on them.

But yeah, I would have toned it down a bit too.

Otherwise I used Fusion before and found it to be excellent.

tch. I just bought an upgrade to VMWare Fusion on the 8th August.
Ho hum… it was still worth it.
Great that it’s free now though…

You may qualify for a free update if you bought a few days ago.

I read through the small print - yes they will be in touch about a Player 12 serial number.
Yay! A free upgrade to a free product! Drinks are on me… :slight_smile:

Seriously though, VMWare Fusion was worth the money. I have no complaints.
Not having to pay for the next upgrade is a plus.

I don’t think you read that right. Paid licenses get upgraded to the non-free commercial version.

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Edit: Could be. Not sure I can use any of the extra goodies, tho…:slight_smile:

Because Fusion Player is now free for personal use, Fusion 11.5 customers entitled for an upgrade under the TGP will provided a Commercial Use license.

Can anyone translate the enterprise mumbling to plain english? When is the license free?

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We can’t wait to ship!

When its ready, I guess

If you need to run VMWare on Big Sur you’ll want this:

Anyone know an advantage (or 2) to VMWare over VirtualBox?
Tried VMWare years ago, and it worked fine, but VB was free, so I’ve been using that ever since.

The biggest advantage is that Fusion and Parallels are worlds better than VirtualBox in setup, integration, tools, etc. VirtualBox has always felt slow and clunky to me by comparison.

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VMWare allows transparent passing of files between the virtual environment and the host computer. E.g. Mac to Windows and back using commander file app. Or total commander in windows.

For me, the main difference is that you can’t have a VM that lasts more than one month without it becoming unusable (with unknown error codes preventing the VM to start and unreadable log files if you want to dig into the problem) with VirtualBox.
I only use VirtualBox when I know the VM is going to be temporary used and deleted soon.

experience here with VMWare has been 100% positive, used it from 3.x, tried others and USB was a bit flakey(at the time) I am fully paid up and have been since the 3.x days.
not once, under any circumstance I have placed upon it, has it not appeared to operate exactly how I might expect it to work.
if its free now, ok I suppose that’s good, but I was always happy to lay €50 or so per new version on the line as its a great product.
unlike feckin xojo.
don’t get me started…

At first, I thought it was good news; now, I remember that everything that goes from costly to free gets either more bugs or less features (or both), perhaps in the long run.
I’ll try anyway, but one can’t expect a free version to be better than a costly one (e.g. Parallels Desktop), right?

As a company we will continue to pay for it.


If companies didn’t have to pay for it, I guess it couldn’t be free for private use at all; apps like TeamViewer or AnyDesk use the same model.
Ironically, then, I thank you for “giving others a free version” :wink: