Black Friday Deal is out, 20% off all stuff

“With that in mind, this year will be our last time participating in Black Friday.”

Ooof, not really sure how that ties in with “We want our team and everyone who celebrates this time to spend it with friends and family.” but I guess reasons!!?

So is that, “we need the 20%” or “we don’t like working on a release to a thanksgiving deadline”

I think this has multiple reasons:

Black Friday sale is very predictable, so people adjust to this.
As a company, sales need to be a bit of surprise.

Also Xojo Inc. likes to take a week off, but sales staff still have to work due to the sale.
So if you make the sale another week of the year, those people can enjoy family time.

Everyone with a Xojo license should buy an update to extend the license by a year and use 20% discount.


Ahh gotcha, there’s me thinking digital download etc. but I guess people need to man the emails/phones.

Yes, I just asked and looks like he main issue is that the staff has to be available to help clients with orders. While mostly it is automated, a lot of people seems to call by phone.

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It might be better to add that into the release as it explains things a little better to muppets like me :wink:

I’d agree
BUY it ONLY if there is something that you desperately need is fixed

I made a blog post to add some details:

The Last Xojo Black Friday Sale

Should not buy, or should buy?

Should buy and save 20% to add a year.

Its good but odd that you have to clarify all that on a blog on your site. The info should really be put out by xojo though to allay any concerns?

Well, I am not Xojo Inc.

But I like to enrich my blog with Xojo related news, so I write a bit about such announcements and instead of just copy & paste, I like to add additional info.

And @Julian the explanation was in the announcement on the last paragraphs.

We need money NOW, if we threaten you with a “last time discount” you are going to buy this weekend.

They will do discounts next year, too.
Just not the week the whole company likes to go on vacation.

Ironic that half of the western world goes on sale the exact same day Xojo needs money.

They announced this is the LAST Black Friday. Did “half of the western world” also announce cancellation of discounts in 2022?

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I do too, so I’m not blaming them … :grin:

Buy WHEN/IF you need it - not before

Saving 20% on a turtle when I dont need a turtle is a waste of the other 80%



Should not buy a year of Xojo saves not 20%, not 30% it saves 100% and even more while not using Xojo is cost effective.

Seems weird to me that they drop a release just before the 20% off sale, when it is gonna be more than 20% of a year before they drop the next release.