Black Friday Deal is out, 20% off all stuff

Thats silly. If you really want to save , dont pay your ISP. DOnt eat

No. Use another tool. Java has enough possibilities to do all Jobs you can do with Xojo for free. So why paying a company for something what isn’t worth it?

My ‘renewal’ occurs during the black Friday/cyber Monday weekend.
A couple of years ago, they did not release until December.
Because of the late release, I didn’t renew that year.
I don’t think I was the only one.

I believe the switch from a 50% off renewals to full price all the time has made people think long and hard about just renewing every time and wait for the sales (Black Friday & Programmers Days, Pi day).

Now they’re not going to do Black Friday any more so it remains to be seen if they do any other sales.

I’m sure wild speculation can come up with lots of “reasons” why they’d stop doing Black Friday.
GO !

Funny that, I’d have renewed multiple times at 50% by now since my 20191.1 ran out so they technically would have made a single year at full price off me that they’ve missed out on by removing the deal.

As for the Black Friday thing, I don’t understand why they have to do that and for the whole week, its not like they are shifting physical stuff. I thought they should be on cyber Monday anyway, then they could all have their week off for thanksgiving. Seems like they wanted too much of that sales frenzy pie in the first place.

Maybe add a section to their renewals page that is, Automatically renew my licence if a sale of x% occurs, and have a selectable drop down from 10 to 90 so people could renew on short flash sales when not near their computer. Xojo would get some free data on how low they would need to go to get a sale and be able to pre-calculate how much a sale could bring in.

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I have no idea why they’ve chosen to not participate in Black Friday any more

I know why they got rid of the 50% off renewals but am not permitted to say.
I suspect it forced people to reconsider renewing “just because” more than they might have if they still got the 50% off deal.

It definitely did for me.


Well, we collect interested developers via trial licenses and let them know about the sale, so they have an incentive to buy now. But this doesn’t need to be Black Friday. It can be anywhere in spring or fall.

I suspect wont be too surprised if Black Friday / Cyber Monday are just the beginning of a “No more sales” trend

But I’ll be happy to be wrong about that

See it so: I had cyberanio. No Xojo buy at all.

You know we have basically a sale per quarter. We had spring sales as well as programmer day. When I search my mailbox for and sale, I find plenty of announcements. e…g there was a sale 5th May 2020.

Just you like to avoid people to only buy with a discount.
You like the majority to buy at regular pricing.

What will happen when a company will no more get sales ? (or a strong down of sales)

the company will DIE

It’s like you want them to.

I don’t… my business depends on them.
Hundreds of businesses depend on mine.
I depend on both new and upgrade customers for my living.
Circle of life.

I do believe that a decent discount for upgrades is the right approach: (otherwise we are paying to have bugs fixed that shouldn’t have been present ‘last year’.)

I was once rhetorically asked ‘would you give your customers 50% discount on an upgrade?’

Yes, I do.
But I don’t run Xojo, and they don’t depend on me.

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Once you have a customer its a lot easier to sell a renewal to them if there is value in your product. Offering them a discount on the renewal is a no brainer as it mitigates any second thoughts about renewal blues. The deeper the discount the more enticing the renewal is if they weren’t thinking of renewing because of marginal benefits.

If your company is either designed in a way or has found itself in a position where you rely on new sales by having terrible customer retention (read into this any way you want) then small discounts are of little use to your customer base as you are reliant on new naive customers.

That is marketing 101. If you sell renewalls not only is easiert to convince the client to keep giving you money, they will also not expect so much in return. Charge them full price each time and they will want a stable version, some real improvement for their money instead of the “always beta” state xojo deliver.

But that happens when you think that you know it all and know what people want…

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They do - you pay them for the product you use. That revenue is vital to them. Without it, and everyone else’, they go out of business.
That’s business.

If everyone only bought the versions they NEED to support new targets / platforms I have no idea what that would do to Xojo’s revenue
Paying them the same $ every year “just because” is, in my opinion, a waste of your money IF you do not use that new version.

Xojo has being really lucky having a lot of “supporting” customers that just want to help the company. Unfortunatelly this has being also taken by the company as “we a re doing great lets keep the buggy releases and stupid renaming”