Big Sur first impression

macOS continues to make me weep.

How the heck can you make even less contrast than before:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-24 um 08.24.10

The Finder doesn’t look much better.

The menubar has a black background as default. When I change to “Less Transparency” I get this result:

The menubar thingies are now invisible.


As you are aware this is a very early developers beta - am sure by September many of these issues will be resolved.

That’s the reason why the topic is “first impression”.

Some of the complaints I’ve seen about the UI, remind me of Yosemite. Where developers complains during the beta, but the issues (visual anyway) were not addressed until El Cap. I wonder if Apple will do the same thing this time around?

I am seeing some people say that BS is faster than 10.15, how do you feel about it?

Can’t say anything about the speed. The Finder worked before and it works now. Pictures and text files are opened in the background and not in the foreground. Mail looks way worse now.

And the absolute worst thing in Apple’s quest for privacy: Every tracker is now blocked by default. Google, Doubleclick, Facebook, everything. All moneymaking on the internet depends on those trackers.

Then Apple will launching their own advertising and tracking service! I can’t imagine those companies not tacking action either. We may find that they cripple their services when using Apple’s browser and work harder to get people to download Chrome, FireFox and so on.

Yup, that’s my idea, too.

How can you make such terrible messageboxes?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-24 um 14.25.30

And Xojo lost my license again.

Ironically Apple’s target audience (teens getting their first 'puter) won’t notice a problem.

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And the listbox headers are screwed up again:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-24 um 14.33.43

In the IDE this is visible, too.

I wonder if the abbreviation “BS” is going to have double meaning?

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The listbox isnt native so lord knows whats going on there
Is this using 2019r3.1 or a newer build ?

Perhaps its time to invest in some platform specific controls then… I realize there are no resources… But I know a macOS “native” Listbox is possible… I’ve got the beginnings of a syntax compatible replacement for my current project already under way… Of course I know Windows, Linux etc would require platform focused solutions.

2019r3 is showing the black header. The latest beta is okay.

ah ok - there was “something” they changed in the betas but I dont know what that had to do with listbox header drawing

It was a FR: 11665 (From 2010 :upside_down_face:)

added two new header paint events:
HeaderBackgroundPaint(g As Graphics, column As Integer) As Boolean
HeaderContentPaint(g As Graphics, column As Integer) As Boolean

As well there had to be “something” else they changed as well since the headers are wrong in 2019r3.1 and right in the next
probably how it determined what color to use or something

probably something listed in the release notes I just havent even hardly bothered to launch a beta in a couple weeks

No. Money making depends on advertising. Tracking is not required, and as far as I’m concerned it should be illegal.


Did you install it on VM or real box ?

And if on a VM then how did you do it ? As in since one needs to mark the computer for update or something ?


welcome björn !