Beginning Java for Xojo Programmers XI

Just noting there seem to be a decent bunch of readers
But no feedback

And I’m at the point that sure would be useful
Things are clear ?
What would you like to cover next ?

I think one of my issues with moving to Java (or adding it seriously to my arsenal) is deploying. One of the things I like about Xojo is that you can copy the files to a user’s machine and it (usually) runs. But with Java (and JavaFX, etc), it’s not quite so easy. I’d like to see some talk about what to do once you get your program working on your development machine. And if you could touch on native executables that’d be great too.

OK We’ll get to that as there ARE ways to deploy java now that didnt exist years ago
You can package it in ways so that a JVM does NOT have to be preinstalled

Do you have planned something gui related?

How to design gui etc.

Maybe later, a joined ‘guest’ tutorial with @thorstenstueker on how to use GraalVM to generate natives would be nice. :wink:

Can be done. I have to decide which IDE I recommend. At the Moment I would say to 90% IntelliJIdea. Java Version is Java 15, in September we can switch to Java 17. I am testing Java 17 early access and it looks really good. It is different to the Xojo Release Model, Java 17 is the next LTS (LongTimeSupport) Candidate for Java.

Yes I do
At first we’ll probably do it “the hard way” in code - just to see how a lot of things work
But eventually move to something else like IntelliJ with JFormDesigner which gives you a lot more “Xojo” like experience


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the presentation of the topics is first class, pun intended, I am really interested in this, and especially when GUI is introduced.
I like that up to now it is very C like which makes it super easy to think about doing serious testing.

great work!

Javas linguistic heritage is definitely C like

your tutorial on java is brilliant!!
has been following since last night

Glad you like it