Packaging Java apps

The first example I tried (from their site) was wrong. I send a feedback and their response was “to vague” and “you have 10 days to respond”.

The example was a step by step example and one of those steps tells about auto complete (no auto complete), then “click in OK” and no OK button…

After some mails, gave up. That wa earlier this month.

Yes Norman, I read and even save your ten previous entries. I am waiting the following.

You may alternate articles like I to X and real world example(s) like load and display a text file and gradually expand it / add feature to the example with explanations.

Emile it would be nice if you would send me a link to the first tutorial otherwise it is impossible to say anything about it

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It may have been modified (April 26, 2021) and now be correct.

I will check that later.