Banned from Discord

Hey Hal,

You banned my account on discord. The message is a custom status, not an official discord thing. It freaks everyone out. Its a joke.


Welcome Scorpion,

It’s nice to see you here in the If Not Nill community. I think you posted in the wrong forum. This community is about programming languages for developers.

The owner/moderator of this forum is Norman Palardy, who doesn’t ban people here. So, I think you posted in the wrong forum.

I hope you can resolve your problem soon. Have a nice day.


I can try to unban you from Discord, but that message will need to go.

Wow, that is a poorly conceived status message.


Discord offers numerous servers where you can test your sense of humour …


Why would anyone put a custom status that make it seem they are a member of a terrorist group ?

IMHO seems really … dumb ?


Wondering why Dalu liked my answer instantly(!) … brothers in arms, or schizophrenic personalities, aka aliases ? :slight_smile: - the wonderful online world is full of miracles, fun, information and morons.


Discord has a tainted record regarding abuse, bullying and questionable moderation. That’s why I don’t use it.
It’s name is self-explanatory…

no I dont use it as a general source of anything
but then Facebook, twitter, linked in etc all fall into that category for me

as a way to keep in touch with a select group of people - its not so bad
Why there IS an INN group on discord

Coming back to the issue: with a personal written message that the person is an online terrorist it is no question: this person should be banned while that has nothing to do with being serious

Agreed. It’s fun to be silly and all, but that is simply not appropriate.


It just doesn’t get any funnier, just more embarrassing.

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You’re sense of humor is worse than Xojo’s. You must be fun at a party.

You sense of humor is outside of the for Jeannot and also me acceptable range. We are not Party fans but normal humans which don’t want to get in contact with such weird humor. It is nothing we can accept. Nothing we want to live with. Something - for us - ridiculous.

I changed it so you don’t have to pearl clutch.

also I was not in there doing anything, it was my status, on all discord servers I was in. Everyone else who queried it got the joke and moved on.

You are a real genius! But geniuses are on TOF (in the Xojo’s universe).
I’m afraid you’ve just picked the wrong playground for your amusements. Don’t take it personally, that happens to the very best.
Here you will only find fallen personalities like me, if you are looking for The Enlightenment, then I can only warmly recommend TOF. Have a safe trip.

I am standing right by side Jeannot. Sure youre right with every word you wrote. And yes, I am also one of theese fallen persons

I believe that you are not doing anything other than trolling …

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