Banned from Discord

Your profile matters. I’ve removed people from my servers for having topless women in their avatars, and in one instance a user had a bot that would change their avatar every few seconds and it was being a nuisance to my logging channel, so they got kicked too. Your profile is part of how you present yourself on the server and needs to be considered like any other interaction.

On a more broad note, how you present yourself in a community, especially a small one such as this, is hugely important. These people may be business contacts or employers later in life. Networking is critical in any career, so don’t take how you present yourself for granted.


Mind providing a link to what the image in your post shows?

The status was changed and the ban was removed. :slight_smile:

This is similar to a botox injection. Wrinkles gone, but the underlying pathology is still present. Symptomatic therapy versus curative therapy - I don’t believe in miracles :wink: . Let’s hope I’m wrong.

but but but I can turn water into wine (perhaps not as fast a Jesus reportedly did it …)

walking on water well … thats a different trick :slight_smile:

where? You would know if i was trolling

According to Wikipedia, you meet all the criteria with your original status.

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show where i did this. i was banned from the discord out of the blue. my custom status had nothing to do with this server. If i was trolling you, you would know.

I have been called names, etc, since mentioning in here that I was banned, and some of you seem to be high 5ing each other, yeah got him, type of shit. You are the troll.

Let me be the first to congradulate you on your positive contributions to this forum and the Discord group

yeah. right…

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Very true: our new AI bot for auto-replying to trolls is still facing some challenges. We have plans to move it away from Xojo to some better dev environments, which should improve things probably very soon, especially in regards of any ad hominem attacks.

Sorry for any inconvenience and greetings to your alter ego.

Your mate said I have no sense of humor and don’t like to party, but we actually do.

hey Jeannot. Don’t post my pictures. This portrait shows my figure so unattractive and . . I am so blue on this picture :slight_smile:

my favoritre feature on this forum and discord is the ability to mute furuther interaction with a topic and/or specific people. a feature which I will be invoking

Yep. It wasn’t “a custom discord activity status” it was “that” status,

It’s not appropriate on any channel.

When a joke is followed by insults to those who weren’t amused, it is typically not a good joke.

Edgy it isnt

Dickish behaviour isnt “edgy”

It IS worthy of sanctions like silencing

Making a huge tantrum for a rule in some online social platform REALLY??? :clown_face:

If you dont like the rules, dont use the service. Make your own comunity.

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