Application Icon Resizer - Updated [18Sep21]

First off I am aware that there are 100’s of these available for download, and even some the work online, but I did this one for a number of reasons

  1. I needed something to learn more about Images and Swift
  2. It is an app I had written years ago in Xojo (and somehow it vanished from my computer)
  3. It has a few features that I had not found on other similar apps…

  1. It creates all the standard icon sizes required by most Apple platforms
  2. It creates standard Android sizes
  3. it creates the sizes required for Google Play Store and Apple Store
  4. It creates the sizes required by Xojo
  5. It allows you to create any custom size from 16x16 to 2048x2048 (@1x, @2x, @3x)
  6. It allows an optional “mask” [White becomes transparent alpha layer]
  7. It also creates “Template” icons for use with UITabbar and UIToolbar controls

This is written entirely in Swift (meaning it runs only on macOS)

If interested in a copy , drop me a line

Neat app Dave. I would be interested in a copy.

I think an additional useful feature would be a color entry/picker to designate which color to convert to transparent instead of just white.

I will look into that… problem I had even with dealing with converting “white” is that “White” is in one colorspace, as are black and grays, so I had to do some fancy conversions to make them comparable

you mean like this? :slight_smile:
the color in the master image however must match the selected mask color EXACTLY

That should work, especially if the color picker has the “eye dropper” tool - then you can get the exact color directly from the image.

I have one outstanding issue (the app doesn’t close properly)
As soon as I resolve that, I will post it on my server and put a download link here

Ok… .a copy can be downloaded here.
It is SIGNED, but NOT Notorized

there will be a config file installed at
that can be used to customize the various categories
You cannot ADD new categories, just add/edit the icon sizes in each categoriy

Also, all icons are generated at 72DPI, but that config file allows you to change that if necessary

for example

<platform name= iOS>
    <icon name="*" size=20   suffix="@1x" mult=1 dpi=72>
    <icon name="*" size=20   suffix="@2x" mult=2 dpi=72>
    <icon name="*" size=20   suffix="@3x" mult=3 dpi=72>

if iconname=“*” then the app uses the actually icon file name otherwise it uses what you put here
Size is the size the OS thinks it is
Mult is size*mult = actual icon size

<icon name=“*Test" size=20   suffix="@3x" mult=3 dpi=72>

would create an icon names “myIconTest_20@3x.png” the would be 60x60 at 72dpi
assuming the original image was “myIcon.png"

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Downloaded and tried it out. Works well and fairly quickly. A couple of observations:

  • It starts producing all the selected options when you drop an image on it - there’s no “go” button. I thought it would display the dropped image then let you choose the options before proceeding. This also means you can’t see/pick the mask color from within the app before it processes it.
  • It saves the resulting images in a Desktop folder named after the file you dropped with “_Icons” appended. Would be better to either ask where to save it, or create said folder in the same place as the source image.

But overall, it’s a nice, clean app.

Well I modeled the workflow after others I had seen…
As to picking the color from the icon view… I’d suggest against that… as the color could very well be altered as it is scaled to the view. The color should be selected from the master image at its full size prior to handing to this app.

#2 - point taken… I’ll look into changing it to place the app folder next to the source icon. I named the folder as I did, because other apps I’ve used tended to make a folder with a static name…which tended to overwrite things.

Many thanks Dave and great job on the app. A couple things I noticed that I wanted to pass along…

  1. Hitting Application or File menus will crash the app
  2. Checking all the checkboxes and dragging in a 3072x3072 image outputs various files and folders, but the AppleWatch folder is blank

Not really trying to complain in any of this, but just wanted to let you know in case you hadn’t noticed on your end.

by “Application Menu” I assume you mean the one with “About”,“Hide” and “Quit”
and the File Menu has only one entry “Close Window”

All of those (for me at least) work just fine.

What version of macOS are you using? Intel or M1?
Just checked, and the app should be a Universal Binary (Intel and M1)

As to the missing Apple Watch files… yeah that is a bug… Earlier versions used “AppleWatch” as the category name, but the config file says “watchKit” … so it never even attempts to make them… This I will fix

@DaveS The app actually crashes before any menu gets generated (e.g. click on iconRESIZER or File menu items and it immediately crashes before showing any submenu items. I’m on 11.6.0 (Big Sur) with an Intel CPU.

MacBook Pro 16" 2,4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9

When I open iconRESIZER the screen is shown.
As soon as I click the menu bar the application crashes.
Crashlog iconRESIZER

I’m getting the same crash on 11.5.2. I tried it on a 10.15 system but it won’t run - says minimum is 11.3.

A new version has been uploaded

This one fixes the menu crash [seems it only happened on a downloaded version, so it took some time to locate]

Also I changed the default location of the generated icons. They are now put in a folder in the same directory as the source icon.

Named : “Icons for [youriconname]”

Cool. Works great! Thanks Dave.

Thanks Dave and this new build did the trick for both bugs. The menubar no longer crashes and there are now icons in the watchKit folder.

Hi Dave,

I get the following when trying to open it (Open, Double-click and Right-Click-Open) on a m1 MacBook Pro (latest Big Sur):

Show it in the Finder: Hey, stupid Apple: I tried to open it in the Finder, so it is already visible and selected ! :wink:

I don’t read French… but I am going to assume it is notifiying you that it is not NOTORIZED… which I mentioned in my first post. Go to security setting and say “Load anyways”

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Just to let anyone who cares know…

I will be releasing a updated version some time this weekend.

  1. it fixes an issue I found with it not comparing mask colors correctly
  2. it adds the ability to choose where the icons are place
    a) same folder as source
    b) computer desktop
    c) a user specified directory
  3. it adds the ability (for apple platforms) the ability to create the assets catalog JSON file
    if this option is chosen, the icons will be placed in a subfolder in accordance with the asset format

Note : this will require the icon config file to be updated, which it will do automagically… but if have already made any manual changes, they will be wiped out