App Wrapper 4.0 is alive

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the beta testing of App Wrapper 4.0 I am now confident enough to launch this version. I really appreciate everyone’s help.


A big “Thank You” to Sam for App Wrapper.

I have just placed an app on the MAC App store for the vfery first time. Wrapping, packing notarizing and uploading all went seamlessly, althought there is alearning curve due to the way Apple does business. For those interested, it is called 'Randall" and enables random allocation of subjects into different categories or treatments to enable a trial to proceed. . My app guarantees equal numbers of the different categories chosen in each treatment arm - somehting that specialist companies charge thousands of dollars to do.

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@samRowlands There seems to be a problem with your sites certificate, it registers as expired on firefox, edge and chrome on my Windows 10 machine

Thank you for letting me know. I’ve had this problem on and off for the last week, and do not know what to do about it.

It appears to be dependent on local caches. I couldn’t access our site earlier on in the week via Cable as I was receiving the old expired certificate, but when I accessed via the cellular network it was giving me the correct certificate.

I’ve contacted the hosting company and after about an hour it started working via the cable network, only to be incorrect the next day. Hosting company blame local caches, cable company blame hosting company. I hate situations like this, you get this kind of service a lot in the U.K. “Not my problem, their problem”, where no-on wants to help solve the problem.

At this point I honestly, don’t know what to suggest, except to try via a different network or to try again tomorrow.

Maybe host your site another place?

If anything, I have had great success with Linode

It is getting to the point where I am strongly beginning to consider that option.

If these problems affect your sales and reputation I would do that

Trouble is I don’t know for sure if changing host is going to solve this particular problem. thankfully the issue does appear to be regionized, I can see some sales have come through our site today (from european countries) so it’s not happening everywhere.
Its not happening here from Taiwan (at this precise moment). Our site is hosted on the west cost of the U.S.

What I would love to know is exactly where a browser gets the certificate from. Are there really caches involved and if so, how can I tell.

Right now both and are reporting the correct certificate.

Hi Sam

That is not the only problem with your certificate/server configuration…

  1. Your server uses RC4 with modern protocols. Insecure
  2. Your server does not support Forward Secrecy
    3 Your server supports TLS 1.1.

Your server uses insecure chipper suites, so please change hosting provider if your current provider don’t know how to fix this. Your server has an C, I expect an A or A+ from you since you also sell signing tools and other programs. Monkeybread has an A+ on their site, maybee he can give you some advice on choosing provider.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m telling you this to help you. This is something that your hosting company should fix. As soon as possible.

Kindly / A

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How can you find that information? Speaking as someone who has little clue about web …

Doing security should be as easy as activating Let’s Encrypt. If your hosting provider doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt shuttle them. I had to define an exception for your website this week. I’ll bet with you that this problem costs you quite a bit of money.

Interesting, I only get a B with the test at SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs). What does “Warning: Inconsistent server configuration” mean?

Huh! Whadda ya know?
I do my own hosting and get an A rating! I never would have thought. Just followed the instructions for Let’s Encrypt and looks like I’m good to go.

Maybe I can host your site for you, @samRowlands :slight_smile:

(Now just gotta figure out how to get that +)

If this every happens again, please let me know at the time.

I would like to do this, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of a believer in DIY (I fixed the A/C the other night!). It may be something that I consider for the future, but I’d require a far more reliable connection and power supply first!

Thank you for the offer. I really appreciate it, for the time being I am once again on the phone to the hosting company trying to get results. I’ve made it very clear I am unhappy with the service provided and after being with them for over a decade, I am disappointed.

It does seem that Today I have an advisor who understands what I want and appears to know what to do. The last person wasn’t the right person to deal with me. Perhaps there are not that many people in the world who could deal with me :slight_smile:

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So… Apparently I’ve got a new certificate which should be rolled out over the net 24 hours.

They say, part of the reason for the failures is I’m on a old plan which had been deprecated and will be wound down in the next 18 months. I need to change my plan, to gt what I’ve already got, I need to pay more! Surprise Surprise.

So I’ll start looking around.

The marketer Perry Marshall says that there are 10$, 100$ and 1000$ tasks. Doing such stuff yourself is a waste of your valuable time where you could do the 100$ or 1000$ work.

How nice of your hosting company not to tell you that your website isn’t safe.

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Utter BS and just an excuse to extort more money. Which means you can’t trust them. Leave.

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You can find out more at ssllabs. See the link.

Link to ssl labs

For those of you who want to get an A+ Mozilla is there to help you with the settings/starting point.

It is not so hard to get an A+ if you have the time to study. I can’t see why your provider think it is good business for them to let their customers have an C rating. It will fall back on themself.

I have set up several servers to A+, and here is a link to Mozilla that may help you.

Mozilla ssl config

@samRowlands Delete your old certificate! Why are they still keeping it when it is not valid… very bad… not your fault.

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