API 2 compatible ORM


Since this was asked elsewhere and I cannot reply there I’ll reply here

ARGen/Active Record was one of very few, if not the ONLY, publicly available ORM for Xojo that included not just the framework itself but code generator as well

Other users have said they have their own ORM frameworks - but I’m not aware of any other public ones

I honestly don’t see why there’s all this hubub to move to API 2.0

By trying to allow existing projects to continue to build without changes, Xojo won’t be removing the classic framework for a very long time. I feel quite secure in not prioritizing API 2.0 with my workflow.

Considering that API 2.0 database interaction is unreliable, I haven’t had the inclination to transition my projects.

If you assume that “new” = “better” - not just renamed - then I could understand the impetus

but this is the killer
I keep seeing questions and reports of glitches on the forums where the solution is to drop back to the old API

New editions will become API2 friendly only. Once you use a new edition because it fixes some old bug you need fixed, and do some clean up and save, eventually all your support for API1 (like the horrible dual API1/2 autocomplete) is gone and things get even worse to maintain. Old bugs are fixed only in such new editions forcing API2 adoption. API2 will be enforced and staying on API1 will not be something easy, it will become unfeasible eventually.

Really depends on how Xojo approaches this since they literally told people API 1 wasnt going away for some time

My guess is that people will have a kind of 2019r1.1 with a worse IDE for a long time. And some fixes won’t reach such compiler/framework set.

that is marketing.

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There are just enough threads in the Xojo forums where people have run into issues updating to API 2 and then reverted to API 1 and the problem went away that there is a definite lack of confidence among some

Personally I’m using MBS because of the particular projects I’m using that require things the Xojo db plugins dont do (ie/ accessing MS SQL from any platform is one)

However, the times I have tried to post a reply to a person about their issues I have run into glitches with API 2

Xojo really needs to sort those out so peoples confidence in the new DB API is well founded

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Hi Tim,

I worked with Xojo 2019 r3.1 for a few days and ended up getting quite a few crashes:
and about another 7 crashes. It is to the point where I was politely asked to not submit more feedback cases. The hard part is that I am not able to reproduce the bug, and it crashes frequently. These issues didn’t exist in 2019 r1.1 (API1). More feedback reports are now being asked.

There are some bugs that definitely need to be removed even though theoretically I can use API1 code.

From what I am experiencing, building without changes to API2 is causing issues.

I’m looking to the future and am also experimenting with Web 2.0.

API 1 isn’t an option.

Until/unless API 2 is as solid/stable/bug free as API 1 using just API 2 will also be problematic

Eugene, some bugs in 19r3.1 were worked out in 20r1. Have you tried the current alpha?

First rule of fight club is you only talk about fight club in fight club :slight_smile:
Lets not get folks banned by talking about pre-release versions here against Xojo’s request


I didn’t leak any information, everything I said is public knowledge. Everybody knows that a 20r1 under development exists.

Mentions of bug fixes etc in pre-release versions should only be discussed on Xojo’s pre-release forum channel as per their request

Dont want anyone to get banned / suspended for violating their rule


Well… What I said is inoffensive, doesn’t break any known rule, and is even a good PR.
There’s a post THERE about the current cycle that made me think they would call the attention of the author and they didn’t, what I said can’t be listed in any bad behavior rule.

It breaks Xojos rule about “Dont talk about pre-releases outside Xojo’s pre-release channel”
Anything that mentions what has been fixed, broken, whats in a pre-release should not be mentioned on INN

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There’s a few out there, Paul L has one called Storm and there are a couple of others.

I bought ARGen but didn’t get on with it but want to start using ActiveRecord or similar after watching Paul L’s XDC video.

AR and Argen go together well

And they are pretty well supported

Yes but currently only API 1 as I said and I want API 2.

I supported ARGen with my wallet but found round tripping to be the issue.