API 2 compatible ORM

I would say “use what works” :slight_smile:

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And that is why I asked the question because ActiveRecord / ARGen doesn’t work with Web 2.0…

Hence my asking for alternatives…

This is kind of part and parcel of API 2.0
For vendors supporting it means almost NOT supporting API 1.0
OR having to have 2 very different code bases - one for API 1 and one for API 2
Maintaining both is problematic

Neither is great for a person like yourself just trying to make use of the tool and the code it generates

And since no one here can discuss Web 2.0 - since thats still in testing and we’re not allowed to discuss it here - that poses some issues with trying to figure out how to proceed or what even might be wrong

Could you elaborate on the round trip issue for me? I’m not sure of any known issues with ActiveRecord and round trips. I would love to chat privately to work out your concerns.

… because this makes us look bad [end quote]