Annual Survey Results

The folks at Xojo continue to convince themselves that everything is great.
Xojo Annual Survey Results

Everything is great.
Surveys don’t lie, not if you do them yourself anyway! :rofl:

I’m not sure I’d be as excited about how many people say they’re “somewhat satisfied” as Xojo seems to be.

Well, in fairness, it was a fairly straight report, with no expressions of “excitement”. But yes, boasting would have been out of place. :slight_smile:

When you are invested on inproving your product, you see the answers like this.

assuming the graphs accurately represent either a percentage or count, I defy anyone to prove 85% from that data

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To make sense of the survey, knowing the response rate (total responses)/(people contacted) would be helpful to understand the meaning of the results.


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I think it also depends on who was sent the survey.

I think it was everyone who signed up for the newsletter.


response rates are almost a requirement to know whether the results stand are remotely representative or not

I wasn’t
I do get the newsletter and am assigned a Pro+ license (which I think is going to get down graded to a Pro license since Pro+ doesnt add value for us - just costs)
The license holder might have gotten the survey

Could be. I got the survey (i have an active license) but did not respond.


I do get the newsletter, but this year I didn’t get the survey. 2020 and 2021 got it without an active licence.

But you probably should know that Xojo Inc. has over 10000 customers, right?
The forum once reached 20000 users as far as I remember.

If only 10% answer, it would be representative, right?

:scream: Thin Ice, Christian! Thin Ice!

:wink: … got the survey (no active license) but couldn’t be bothered …

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To be representative it would need to be a random sample. I think the type of person that responds likely makes the sample NOT random.


The forum reached 20000 registered names
Quite different from active users
Heck now I can look at the pro list & find lots of registered names that haven’t used the forums in a year or more

I got it and responded. I didn’t hold back on what I thought. Do I think it will change anything at Xojo? Nope. Not one iota.


This is the one that worries me:

  • 29% use the Xojo Forum