Android is FINALLY in pre-release testing

Well, looks like it is going to be launch after all. Even if it is not a “mobile” target but independent to iOS to be merged “later”…


If you are interested in testing it you nedd a current Xojo license, the same old pay for the privilege of do the hard work of beta testing…

The size of the instaler is ridiculous now, 1.1 GB for 2023r11 in windows, someone knows what is the size of the 2023r2 instaler?

actually you dont but you need to be part of their testers group for sure

macOS 2023r1.1 DMG 1.63 Gb
macOS 2023r2 DMG 1.67 Gb

but the additional bits you need have increased as well
you’ll need android studio & Xcode for anything mobile + android

Haa, sounds nice, half baked or really full stack? Who knows. I am waiting for it to compare it to CodenameOne. Sounds like Xojo yould be a good alternative. Wel’ll wait.

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German humour is awesome !


depends what you mean with awesome…

awesome as in FUNNY AS HELL !!!

na…funny would be enough, the hell I will see later :slight_smile:

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Save me a spot ! :slight_smile:

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Hah, we Germans are very lustig!
But Xojo is even lustiger!

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I guess they even don’t get that kind of german humor, But let’s compare it with george orwells animal Farm, as I remember correct there was written on the wall: “all animals are equal”. But later was an addition there to read: “but some are more eqal”. So let’s say German people are funny but some people are more funny :slight_smile:


I would have said witzig but … :slight_smile:

yeah there is no word like Witzigkeit in english language

I was wondering why I did not see that … It looks like I got removed from the testers group after all these years… My license expired May 7th, but i thought one did not need a current license anymore to be in it anymore…

It would have been nice if they had said something … I wonder if it was because of postings here… I have been critical but not over the top…

I guess they really don’t want me to ever buy another license again!

I was curious about android since I have an android phone so I would have tried it out.

  • Karen
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You should ask them tro add you again to testers but as far as I know they want you to have an active License.

google & deepl claim wittiness is the translation

wouldn’t surprise me if its close but not quite exact

It wouldn’t surprise me
Lord Dana knows

Like this :laughing:

I just quoted the Newsletter :man_shrugging:t2:

I was also kicked out after my licence expired, but that was a few years ago.

I was told to send a mail asking to be included again even without a licence but… It is just fre labour, investing a lot of time doing tests and filling the bug reports just to be ignored or called troll by some over sensitive xojo staff that dint like people found bugs on his code…

Don’t worry, Xojo for Android is in pre-release testing since 2021.
Communicating with customers is not Xojo’s forte. INN is a place where members can speak up freely. If someone takes issue with what you’re saying here, just don’t care :slightly_smiling_face:

nearby buit not exactly the same