Android is FINALLY in pre-release testing

as I suspected
I guess I need to learn German much better to understand it better :slight_smile:

Autocomplete playing games, or is it AI?

we are both AI driven! Sophisticated? Yes Sir :slight_smile:

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that definitely worked for me. Didn’t take longer than a few hours. It was an important element in my unwiring process though, as my license still had a few more months to run.

If your removal from the tester group is because you are posting here, then Xojo Inc. should go out of business. We live in a democracy where there is no place for things from more than 200 years ago.

No surprises here (might be a different story on TOF though):

The pre-pizza is almost in the oven … INN veterans recommend to order 2-3 bottles of red wine as pastime. We know the master cook, patience is a virtue and you are now used to it.

I have a question Jeannot. Am I allowed to test while writing on the other computer an Android App and IOS App with CN1??? Or is it so that that is not allowed so I can enjoy pure Xojo Android. I am asking while I have a bit panic to test and not getting the testing app to run on device or simulator. Only a question. possibly I am asking for a friend :slight_smile:

From the MBS blog:

When we finally ship our existing plugins for Android as far as it makes sense to us

No vendor has announced a ready-for-use Xojo Android plugin so far. There won’t be many, I guess.

Bahahaha !!!

Quite seriously they banned me NOT because of what I said ON their forums but because I was a negative influence in the overall community
Basically what I was saying here, on my blog, etc

@Norman Palardy,
They should not have banned you in the first place. Xojo Inc. already lost too many experienced and knowledgeable people.

This shows once more that the IfNotNil community has its place!


I tend to believe there was personal animosity towards me that resulted in that suspension
From the same persons that led to me being removed from Xojo Inc
I cant prove that since I dont talk to those people any more
But it seems quite clear to me that was, and remains, a factor in their interactions, or lack of interactions, with me

Well, how could they announce anything, if the prerequisites aren’t met yet. But yes, it is first time I do see a statement that they might not offer any at all.

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Kotlin still runs on the JRE doesnt it ?
So its all JNI issues that need to be dealt with
messy messy messy

EDIT : Dunno if Xojo is comping to Kotlin/Native or not
Native might be easier to make and SDK for


Something barely halfbaked and way too limited out of the box was expected. BUT, not being able to use plugins to workaround the many shortcommings must be a new low even for xojo :expressionless:

During their first attempt I told them to do it the way B4A does. B4A can use compiled JAR files, aar files, import java code, Kotlin code, and even inline Java Code.

But they know better :crazy_face:

at the time iOS was released plugins also were possible IMPOSSIBLE (damn auto destroy)
but that was a real limitation of the OS - there was, at the time, NO way to load a dynamic library

This has more to do with the output of the compilation process
I think its possible it run in a JRE or native
Dunno if this just means the JRE is packed up with it or what
I’m not conversant enough with this aspect of Android to really know

Maybe someone else DOES know android well enough to comment on how apps can be packaged up for deployment to it ?

you mean impossible, right? Which at that time was understandable, firstly because iOS didn’t had the option, secondly it was the first “mobile” framework, so quite normal to not have “everything”. But after this very long years of waiting for Android, and customers actually being enabled to used the plugins on iOS it doesn’t seem very smart to release Android w/o plugins. As silly as it might sound, it would probably be smarter to just wait another few years … :frowning:

Yes I never noticed the typo

An admittedly odd shortcoming
You’d think they would work extra hard to have that out of the gate as there’s stuff that just wont one decently possible without plugins or something
I get that IF you have to expose things via JNI it WILL be a pain in the REAR

But, tbh, I’m not sure HOW they compile their apps and how they are packaged so I dont know if JNI is required or not
Maybe their compiler guy can comment

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The only problem is: theY have no compiler guy and they have no idea how to handle stuffs. You can see that. Sorry but week uziel is a one man show. The product is even coming with more functionality than Xojo and it is a one man show. He has not even half of a hand full of people assisting him. That is the difference between professional programmers and hobbyists. Exactly that.
And yes, he has iOS and Android and desktop and web and even microcontrollers. Hmmm. And as addon: the stuff runs.
The stuffs they missed ist seriously too much to ignore that.

He could do that instead of using java also as a c++ based compiler with no compromises. That is the difference. Definitely.

But they have too many bugs and too less concept and a CEO without an idea about the concepts auf professional maintaining.

What ever comes as android it has leaky functionality and therefore the need of plugins is there from the beginning.