And people wonder why I rail against "Xojo for iOS"

From “that other forum”…
Everytime Apple releases a new version of macOS or of Xcode, the requirements for “Xojo for iOS” change as well… meaning if you rely on Xojo for you iOS apps, you must pay your $299 each time. While Swift is FREE, always up to date, and it really is not that steep a learning curve (compared to ObjC). Plus, you can create macOS, iPhone, iPad and even AppleTV (lets see Xojo do THAT)

I have a little free iOS app.
To build it, I bought the $300 iOS licence.

Apple say I now need to use SDK13
Xojo say to do that I need to use 2019R3, but I have 2019R1, and my licence doesnt cover the 0.2 part.

The ‘upgrade’ to a fresh iOS licence, which offers absolutely no detectable new features over my existing version, is $284

LOL… Dana responded with “Well we have a 90 day return policy”… Uh. Dana… he started this project way more than 90 days ago, and is pissed he now needs to pay ANOTHER $300 to keep moving forward

blame Apple & Xojo
That Apple requires you use a certain SDK is one thing

Maybe Xojo could update in place although I think signing signs resources as well … if not then Xojo could update these for iOS without too much work (I dont know if resources are signed as well)

The other is that Apple alters the sim seemingly with each version of Xcode

It would seem there is “something” Xojo could do If they tried

as far as “Xojo for iOS” I put the entire blame for that POS on them.

Sure Apple changes Xcode and Swift (and ObjC I’m sure) with each new release of either macOS or Xcode… But its FREE, Xcode does 99% of the upgrade work for you (ok, you have to click the mouse a few dozen times, big deal)… oh and did I say … ITS FREE?

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Alyssa’s reply of “there is stuff coming in 2020” is just a non-sequitir
Buy now because its gonna come … really !

They could release a VASTLY improved (but still not great) version, just by adding things that SHOULD have been there on day one

Dana, Alyssa… I hold the same respect for both/either of them

no argument here

since it was “done” it has been left and that was decidedly NOT what should have happened :frowning:

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That OP was me.
In my opinion, charging $300 for iOS Xojo was always too much, for a number of reasons:

  • you can’t use your existing code even though it was originally promoted as that,
  • it isnt feature/control complete
  • and because you can buy Windows or Mac Xojo (also single target versions) for $99

Asking almost the same again for an ‘upgrade’ I honestly take as an insult.
Hey… one of the new features is ‘use Var instead of Dim’ :slight_smile:

If the upgrade was $99 I’d just do it and save the hassle.
But as it stands, I cant build, and Xojo isn’t getting any money, which does bother me.

So this experience now has me prototyping using B4X … it’s free for the Android version and quite easy to get into.
Finish up the app there, and I can port to B4i with minimal work, paying $59 for a perpetual licence.


Sad that their policies , pricing etc push people away and dont work to attract them :frowning:


Jeff… if you haven’t seen this, it might interest you.

Releasing iOS using a different framework than desktop and web so non-UI code was not reusable was HUGE mistake…

I know the plans were to use the Xojo framework everywhere , but that was no where close to being the case for the other platforms at the time. (And IMO it was pain to use!)

Not having interoperable code , compounded with not having Xojo iOS complete enough to be practical without going into a lot of declares, and charging $300 /year when Apple provides tools for free (and you know Apple will force you to keep renewing Xojo iOS because of changes in iOS itself), well that is a lot of motivation to learn Swift if you need to support iOS!

IMO Xojo Inc has made some major mistakes for a good number of years now, by what they have decided to do and and how they went about doing them… Many feel it was ignoring what developers really needed most from them.

That has soured a lot of long time users which used to be their biggest advocates.