Alternatives to Xojo?

Something RAD, installed in a single installer without command lines, and that is deployed compiled and without external dependencies :grimacing:


Labview is insanely expensive AFAIK. It has a vast number of drivers for hardware instruments out there, but SCPI is not difficult and I can generally whip something up in Xojo far more quickly than the steep LabView learning curve I think.

I had to use LabView about 15+ years ago. A physicist that left teh company wrote an LabView up to control and report data from a custom lab instrument he designed. I needed to modify it.

I found the circuit board type programming very much a pain (try doing a lot of string parsing that way!) . Finally, after only making some minor tweaks to teh LabView “code”, I decided to dump the data into a text file and wrote REALBasic programs to do some additional calculations and output reports the way we needed them!

It’s core instrument control and data processing capabilities were impressive, but that coding paradigm was not for me! I would rather go to the dentist! :wink:


I did not realized I replied in this topics almost a year ago about LabView! … it really made on an impression, I guess! :wink:


there is no alertnatives to Xojo afaik, since it does desktop apps and web

nobody talked about 4D, it’s pretty good, didn’t use it for a while tho.

LabView is one of three sanctioned languages for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The other two being C++ and Java. In my many years of hanging around FRC the only time I’ve seen LabView successfully used is if there’s a mentor that knows it inside and out. Otherwise, the kids struggle mightily with it. The Java version is much more approachable for most kids and many high schools teach some java so there’s some built-in help from teaching staff (though programming the robot is a different beast).

In a previous lifetime I programmed some SCADA systems that were much like LabView. If you do it enough you can get good at it but it’s not intuitive. And before that I did PLC ladder logic which is like nothing else in the programming world.

I left it for xojo 15 years ago. too many troubles and bugs. will never go back to it !

sure there are
even ones that use mostly the SAME code for either
CodeName one - all java based - apparently does this
@thorstenstueker can tell you about them

You can do Webapps with JavaFX, Desktop Apps, Android and IOS Apps. And that in a much higher reliability, stability, with consistent frameworks, with one UI if needed. There is much more possible. Look for OpenJFX, GluonMobile and

With Jpro we will soon provide a Developers Version functionality like Xojo Web plus much more. Simple, fast, reliable. Wrote Desktop-App in JavaFX: use the same CODE and the SAME UI with JProFXweb for WebApps.

The Pricing will be less than Xojo Pro per year including Mobile.

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If only for Desktop and mobile (Android and IOS) you can have for free with CodenameOne. CodenameOne is Java Swing style coded.

e.g. PureBasic + SpiderBasic (common syntax)

PureBasic can do desktop / console / shared libraries for Windows, MAC and Linux (including Raspberry Pi) as well as CGI and FastCGI for server side on the web. PB v6.0 has just been released which now transpiles to C and then compiles with gcc.

SpiderBasic can do client side web plus Android and iOS ( via Apache Cordova ). Work has just begun on upgrading SB.

And these are a fraction of the cost of Xojo …
PureBasic is just EUR 79 for a lifetime license
SpiderBasic is EUR 49 which includes all updates for a year

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Purebasic is good. Love how lightweight and fast it is. Keep in mind it is not a cross compiler, though. You have to compile your program on each platform you plan to support.

It does have its drawbacks, though… I am discovering that accessing Cocoa APIs can be very painful at times. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. GUI designer is adequate at best. Its also not object oriented. I had to rewire my brain to think that way. :slight_smile:

But did I say how fast it is? It lost a bit in speed with V6.0 but it was necessary so it could support multiple CPUs better (i.e. M1).

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Imo it’s not really a big deal …

Noun.Verb(params, …)
Noun_Verb(*data, params, …)

Agreed, its not that big of a deal. But if you prefer object oriented programming then purebasic is not for you. You can isolate blocks of code using modules which I guess is sort of object oriented.

Purebasic does have some 3rd party attempts at imitating OOP but I have not tried them and have no desire to.

Same kind of think we used to have to do in C (not C++)
A “module” full of methods that manipulated specific data types (defined using typedef) was as close as you got to OO then
Its close but lack some of the niceties of OO like polymorphism inheritance etc

With PureBasic you can Extend structures

Structure MyPoint

Structure MyColoredPoint Extends MyPoint

So now a MyColoredPoint can also be passed into any function that was defined to receive a MyPoint so that gives a kind of inheritance.

PureBasic’s JSON elements also have strictly defined data types when used internally so I have even done this on occasion:

Noun_Verb(JsonObject, params, ...)

Then your data structure becomes extremely malleable.

sure - lots of useful software was written using that model in C as well
macOS (classic), Windows, and some thing called Linux even
and tons of other

its just not OO nor do you get some of those OO advances
But you also dont get some of the trickier aspects of it either (multiple inheritance and all its ilk)

This may be interesting to those looking for an x-plat alternative to XOJO - as some may know LiveCode recently did a ‘summer megabundle’ with an array of new extensions and plugins most of which are pretty cool. This blog post showcases all of these by building a web-based app in the new WASM-based web platform,

There’s a link in the post to test the web app live - the same code can build for all desktop and mobile platforms - it’s only to showcase the extensions and is superficial, but having used some of these in development recently some are very cool in spite some rough edges…


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yeah Xojo has none so … :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting blog post

Muhaha you know what I’ve read first in the title of the slides:

.NET Standup-Comedy…