Alternatives to Xojo?

That should be on Funny Misreadings or something
But, having tinkered with VS on a Mac I can say “its no joke”

I just found out that KBasic is still available as freeware for download.

It newer version is renames as Q7Basic. This is also available for download but it is built around Qt.

Yes but from 2012 and it is not maintained now. That is not helping unless there is no cummunity behind to maintain. I guess it was the end for Q7 that there is nearly no interest for Basic languages in the most dev situations. When nobody buys nobody will use it.

The inly successful one is at the moment B4x in the basic environment and that is - except IOS - also a free Solution.

Well this looks interesting

I’m going to give it a spin as well

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They too, have a data grid.

4D it’s so damn much internal drama that they’re lucky they’re still around. Between the founder, sleeping with the secretary, becoming someone important – – what a mess. I was offered to run the Japanese operation. (after Brendan had moved to California). And the deeper I looked at the company the more I thought I better stay the heck away. Of course, Geoff came from 4D. Which, sadly provided a very poor standard to look at one building another company.

4D, “the” 4D with its databases for classic Macintoshs? With QuarkXPress plugins to deal with data for print-catalogues? Wow this was a long time ago, late 90ies and early 2000.

Also check GeneXus.

It is a powerful low-code tool built on .NET.

And it also generates Sourcecode of the app you build in it!!

They do not publish prices.

Yes. You are right.

From what a fellow developer who (pointed me to this tool) is developing app using it told me that is reasonably priced. She is using version 17 and currently they are offering version 18.

It does … I would love to knock out some stuff in Blazor but don’t have time for the learning curve or to work without a visual designer.

I’m told Radzen has a visual designer
At least they claim it does

Radzen is a low-code, RAD solution which allows you to visually build web applications in a matter of minutes.

I downloaded it but haven’t unpacked it yet to see for myself

The things I have done using C# & .Net for web are a lot more scalable than Xojo’s
So it might fit well for one of my clients

What I’ve seen of Radzen Blazor Studio so far is red flags everywhere. First of all, it’s an Electron app. I had my suspicions the moment I resized the window, which brings me to red flag two: it launches full screen. Then I had to go download and install .NET. That’s not so bad, and it at least took me to the correct page that I could download it. To get started, I had to give an email address, which they immediately started sending marketing spam to, so I had to unsubscribe from that. I used a disposable email address just in case.

Cool, I can “just” add my API as a data source. Except… I can’t because it only supports confidential clients.



Edit: Even if I include a fake secret, they don’t support OAuth 2.1, so I still can’t get going. The “good” news is it looks like it just adds some classes to the project that I could probably modernize. But that’s frustrating enough to make me put it down for now.

Oh and the frontend code looks like it’s just React.

IK i,nstalled Go yesterday afternoon.

Nice, it ask if I want to trash the pkg…

Then, nothing.

I opened the Application folder:

I opened Firefox, go to their web page to no available no information).

“This is a Terminal kind of application Emile, everyone knows that.”

I tried their hello and failed.

I must be dumb (or Go is for Go users).

Don’t give up to early :slightly_smiling_face:

Last time I changed it was because the one I used was buggy and it tooks me less than a day to “port” the project from the old “IDE” to the new “IDE”. In the second day, I was able to continue beyond where I was stopped.

What a difference…

I downloaded “”…

I uncompressed it and get a folder named netbeans in my Downloads folder.

And now:

no application too.

Since I’ve spent the better part of year in Go I can answer some questions.

The learning curve coming FROM Xojo is steep. There is a bunch of stuff you have to suss out on your own that Xojo just gives you. If you were coming from C you probably wouldn’t think much of it. Many of the cross-platform code requires different extensions like resources_darwin.go, resources_windows.go, etc.

Go was designed from the beginning to be used for web services and it has many nice things for that built in. It is not meant to be desktop tool. For that I’ve been looking at Wails and started making some progress. Wails is like Electron but with Go instead of Javascript. It uses a React or Svelt or other web front end technologies for the UI. So another steep learning curve if you’ve not used those.

Our company set us up with Arden Labs Go training. It was pretty good (not cheap) but it got all of us Xojo developers (8 or so full time developers) going to the point where we’re not useless now. :slight_smile:

The Go language itself isn’t hard to master. A few quirks here and there but generally easy until you start getting into Channels and Concurrency (advanced topics IMO). And since it’s not OO it’s way different than Xojo. I still struggle with some of the ‘engineering’ aspects of the language (hence why I’m converting a Xojo app to Go using Wails to get better).

Since it’s so good at concurrency we’ve used Go apps as helper apps for our Xojo application. We plan on moving more Xojo code to Go in the next 6 months or so.

From the screenshot I see you are working on a Mac. Why not giving Swift a try? Xcode is for free in Apples app shop. There are tons of tutorials and demos.

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