After waiting 4 years, and left 4 years ago there is Android

I left and now I want to come back because of Android and I have found all these troubles. Would it be a good idea to come back or should rather stay where I am? I jumped ship to Unity but it seems I’m better off staying with Unity even after all the turmoil they caused recently.

ps. Damn, how long was Android on the soon-to-be-released notice on the Xojo homepage? LOL

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Don’t waste your time with Xojo. Really.


It is still in beta state, or alpha when we look at the list of bugs and missing features. Definitely not ready for production. Maybe nice for playing around a bit.


It is a real pity… I used to love it… Still have an old web project running on it that I still maintain. But I got the shivers when I saw the posts on this forum from some of the names of old. I think I’m better off with the Unity code once and deploying it everywhere. Ah well, it not native but who really cares if you can style it any way you like, and having to use declares to style an Android button… :wink:

I downloaded the Github showing all the declares to help style stuff on Android. Grrr!

I was using Web 1.0 like you are. It needed love back then, but Xojo killed it off. To continue with Xojo, you have to update to Web 2.0. Originally, Xojo said there would be a converter but then they just decided to not bother. From what I read, it’s a major pain in the butt.

I gave up and moved to PHP / Bootstrap and I haven’t found a bug yet, except my own bugs…

You have to be very careful now and verify any claims that Xojo makes…

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That is precise what I need to do fix my Web App still running Web 1.0. It will not be worth my while. I started experimenting doing my database form on Unity and then do PHP calls to interact with the MySQL database. Nice thing is that it is code once on Unity and I can make it a Desktop / Android and Web app with 3 compiles. It is bloated with game engine code but hey it works. I’m convincing myself to stay right where I am.

ps. For those interested I also tested the same scenario on Godot 3 and it should be possible to do the same thing Unity. The code is much smaller, easy to learn (python like language), can create apps or games with it. It is just not mature yet in the Godot version 4 release. Hey it is completely free with growing interest due to Unity’s pricing fiasco last month.

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if you have the time, could you share how to create a “hello world” app?

The one thing that always got to me on the XOJO forum was when I wanted to do something or learn how to code something there would always be this one guy that always pop-up and say, hey why not just use my plugin instead and then the conversation died. Sorry not meant to be nasty but that killed my passion for XOJO in a big way. The other thing was, you would do all the hard work, find a bug, submit it and wait two or three annual subscriptions to get it fixed.


I’ll be short in saying ChatGPT is your friend. But I have a small project I could share. Will have a look. It is a lengthy process how I get the data using Node-RED on my Victron Inverter to the MySQL database. But to query is simple. I’ll post it as soon as I get the time to dig it up.

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so many I forget
but at least since 2017

But TBH I dont know I’d jump back
Android will need a long bake time before its ready
LOTS of issues[]=Android&first_page_size=100

Huh, over 90% of those bugs are still unassigned. In Xojo world they will enjoy a long life :spider_web::spider_web::spider_web:

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When you are happy and comfortable with Unity, stay with Unity.

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It’s pitty, I remember Geoff told us they will never support Android because it is not as secure as iOS. Then all of a sudden they seem to have realised their mistake, and started developing an Android option. I was all fired up thinking I’ll give it a year. Low and behold, many many years later and we have an alpha concept masquerading as a beta and we have to pay full price. I looked at the current implementation and should work well up to a point. BUT are we looking at a another Web 2.0 API thing in 2-3 (wait, wait, wait …6 years from now) years from now.

Unity and also Godot when it’s a bit more grown-up. Will be worthwhile learning Godot.

Yeah at present I’d say its going to need a few years to get usable
so many issues
I have yet to get the debugger to do single stepping at all :frowning:


Specially not for android. Mobile targets evolve too fast for xojo to keep up. xojo will be far behind chaising an already obsolete but the minimum to run on the latest platform.

The architecture SUCKS, apps will be bloated and way too limited. The current release is like a Pre Alpha, Not even the debuger works.

He is also in this forum, but Fortunately he doesn’t do it here anymore :upside_down_face:


You are being generous by saying 4 years. By my reconning it’s closer to 7 years. I remember the last XDC I went to 2019(?) where Geoff said “end of year”. It wasn’t my first rodeo with Geoff so I knew that he was pulling a number out his *ss to wow and impress the people at the dinner table.

According to various accounts from former Xojo employee that may or maybe not have been after the first or second ‘major reset’ of the Android project. There might have been a third one as well but I can’t confirm that but it wouldn’t strike me as abnormal.

iOS and MacOS were close enough API-wise where it was a reasonable/possible goal that still took considerable effort to complete. However, even 10 years later iOS still isn’t great but it is usable but I do remember saying at the time that without Android it was as incomplete solution. Now that Android is ‘here’-ish I wish they had just pulled the plug on mobile, in general, so they could focus on desktop and web though there are plenty of people here who feel that Web2.0 isn’t as capable as Web1.


And he has been told that it should only be suggested WHEN APPROPRIATE

Most conversations here though arent about how to solve problem XYZ in Xojo
Lots about whats wrong with Xojo, why people are upset, and occasionally about how to fix issues


In all fairness we should also state that using Xojo without plugins is totally inefficient.
Many of Xojo’s libraries and APIs are buggy, feature-incomplete or even outdated.

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