Advice on a possible laptop "upgrade"

If someone could give me his or her’s opinion on this it would be greatly appreciated:

Right now I’m using a mid 2012 MBP 2.5Ghz i5 with 16GB of ram as my work machine. I’m currently thinking about upgrading to a 13" 2015 MBP i5 with 8GB of ram that came my way at a reasonable price. Personally I don’t want to upgrade (or can afford to do so) to anything newer than a 2015, I like the fact that the 2015 models still have all the ports available.

Do you guys think I would benefit from this upgrade?

No. The 13in MBP used old technology for a long time - it was basically the same as the 2012 model, just a slightly faster CPU (with 2 cores, not 4 like the 15in).

If I would go for one then it would be the 2015 15in 2.5 GHz model with the dedicated graphics card.

Thanks for your input!

A 5 years old machine ? No more spare parts for repair…

RAM: 8GB? That is what I have and I am always missing some RAM. With 16GB, I am quite sure you never have that trouble.

Try a little more recent machine (younger), 16 GB / 612GB SSD.

For the ports, use a hub. I have one and it do not bother me…

Btw you really should download MacTracker - it is free and has all the info on Macs and Mac accessoires (you can also get it in the App store). Belongs on every Mac.

Need to correct my first statement as the 2015 update was a bit more substantial but I still say no.

Single core performance is comparable to your 2012 MBP, multi core is about 40% slower.

The 8GB of ram is the main reason I had been pondering if this is really an upgrade or a downgrade.

I guess I’ll just wait until I save some money for an upgrade that is really worth it.

I still don’t like the lack of ports in newer machines, yes I can get dongles but I really don’t like them.

Yes, the trackpad was upgraded too. I find the one on the 2015 a lot nicer than the one in my 2012.

It has some extra ports too, plus the retina display wich I’ve read can bee a problem in some of the early 2015s. Oh and it runs a bit faster, 2.7 vs 2.5 GHZ wich I would probably won’t even notice.

As for RAM - my 2010 17in 2.53 GHz i5 MBP upgraded to 8 GB and a 1 TB SSD running MacOS 10.12 Sierra never felt slow - and I usually had about 20 large apps (like Xojo, Word, Excel, Keynote, Preview, Safari, VMware Fusion with Win7, GraphicConverter, OmniGraffle, Skype, TeamViewer, Handbrake, etc) and over 360 webpages open. Best laptop I ever had … sadly died 2 months ago …

No. The CPU has a higher frequency, that doesn’t mean it’s a faster computer.

Common fallacy.


I meant the clock speed is a bit faster. But I’m aware that one can’t use clock speed to judge performance.

I believe I’ll keep my 2012 untill I can actually make a real upgrade.

Thanks for the advice!

I still use my 2012 MBP 16Gb 768Gb SSD every day
Probably the longest I have ever held on to a machine but it is getting swapped out for a new 16" this weekend

For a LONG time there just wasnt a really compelling reason to upgrade
But I need the ability to drive more screens than the 2012 can handle - hence the update to the 16" which can drive 4 4K screens

After the advice I received last night I decided I’ll wait until I can afford a modern 15" or 16". I’ll have time to figure out how to connect that thing to the cinema display. I think I got the video part figured out, losing the power connector from the display to the laptop would be a bummer and I have not been able to figure that out yet.

This is how I connect the MBP to the cinema display. I love the ports on this laptop.

I also like that it has a pile of ports
But - they all are for outdated connectivity and so much slower than USB-C &/or TB 3
I’ll end up with a dongle for each of my older monitors but the new 43" monitor supports USB-C directly and has a KVM hub built in so I wont lose out on being able to attach all my old USB-3 time machine drives and externals
Time marches on

instead of laptop, have you considered Mac mini? very reasonably cost to do main dev on.

I have
“Portable” isn’t in their job description
While I dont travel all the time its enough that if I got a desktop I’d need to also have a laptop anyway

Not sure about @HMARROQUINC

the way I have gone with my computing is a deconstructive model. Meaning, my core machines exist in my network rack. Any laptop device, raspberry pi, or intel nuc, chromebook can RDP / VNC to the core machines. Once connected, I cannot tell that I am in an RDP / VNC session. Then if I travel, I can vpn back to connect from my travel device

This way, any device that I use is nothing more than a thin client without the high processor / ram requirements which saves on the overall cost.

I do travel to places where that wouldnt work
Some have no internet or cell phone service (camping out west)
Or so super bad that its impractical

Heck the bahamas last spring would have been such a place (before the hurricane)
Connectivity was awful

I have an old macbook mini which I like very much but as @npalardy mentions I like the mobility of a laptop.

Granted that packing the mini and moving it between the office and home office wouldn’t be a chore I still like a screen atached to whatever I’m packing :slight_smile:

I do most of my work in my home office but I still need to be at least a couple of hours in the “real” office three times a week.

You are right, time marches on…

I will wait a couple of months and upgrade to either a 2019 15 inch or if possible to a 16 inch.

This is also on my wish list