2023 release 1

Is out today for any / all that care

Since 2022r4.1 was released there have been 983 reports of all kinds made
320 of those were marked as BUGs
Open bug reports went from 2105 to 2151

somehow that doesnt seem to be heading in the right direction

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320 bugs reported in the period and 85 got fixed?

Sir, we are sinking! Shall I give order to abandon ship? …silence…Sir, please, what are your orders?

Most of us already abandoned ship… those poor souls that stayed behind believe they can “bail” things out


One reason the open bug count has been slowly climbing since I started watching

Reportedly, the damage control party consists of less than 10 people…

I just can’t imagine spending time on reporting Xojo bugs. It’s a lot of effort and a lot of hours spent.


for VERY little payback

hell I have one that has been assigned to several successive milestones
no movement yet
and its freaking annoying as hell since the app being debugged just crashes


I remember the days when those comments from you on INN annoyed me. Well, I was an idiot. Congratulations, you won :slight_smile:

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Soon, just be patient please, they are very close to it. Perhaps XDC? :slight_smile:

Please send your feedback to hello@xojo.com, this is an order!!!
– Genius P.

To be fair, none of us responding here are likely to be purchasing a new license because of this release. I downloaded it because I might, someday, have to use it for work again and they’ll expect me to have kicked the tires, so to say, to see if we can reliably use it.

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Doing the tire kick test on Xojo…




Oh, has latest version improved so much? That’s an impressive improvement, no more explosions, or is the video too short?

Uhm …



That’ll be the version I am not even downloading ant testing. While I know that the most things are not fixed and while I know: nothing inside what I can’t do with my main language. so that story is ended. I don’t see any argument for paying the license for the new Version. When I bought Xojo in 2018 I saw Android coming soon. Where is it? Not there until today. Only to remember: 2018-2019-2020-2021-2022-2023 hub. Coming soon.

Autocomplete has always been hit or miss. I don’t consider this new. It might be ‘worse’ now (haven’t tried it).

One of the ways that I used to know that I had a syntax error somewhere in the current method was that AutoComplete stopped working until it fixed. It was an early warning system. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah nearly as good as IntelliJ does: it warns with the included upcoming compiler errors and shows the help for the context if you want that and helps with completing. Yes, that Xojo made only a bit more simple. :slight_smile: (IRONIC MODE OFF)

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I can’t recommend to anyone who used IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code or any other decent code editor to move back to Xojo. I had to do during transition time, and it s hard not to drive mad. But today the introduced a new keymap. Duplicating lines, progress is in the air!

Soon if you consider it in terms of geological time frames :slight_smile:
5 years isnt “soon”
Hell its been in their betas since 2021 now and still isnt shipping ?

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