2021r3 Announced?

Dana posted that. Mentioned 2021r3…

Since Xojo 2021r3 introduces new Desktop controls, we updated our own controls for this change. Whether you use Window or DesktopWindow, in both cases you can enjoy one of our 29 controls. The plugin have been updated to the new plugin SDK and we updated our Chromium classes to the newer version used Xojo now.

I guess r3 is going to be available soon???

No idea
Seems this announcement went out prematurely as 2021r3 is NOT anywhere to be found yet

Window is now called DesktopWindow? How is code portability going to work with that?


copy paste ?

I saw someone else slip that its due out this week.

I did a lot of testing and I’m going to get my popcorn for this weeks fun.rofl


“very soon” per twitter

No post on the forums about ‘very soon’.

Popcorn isn’t really supposed to be on my diet, but I may indulge as well :slight_smile:

Well, I wanted to have my plugins out in time for the new release and I thought it would ship today.

Just wait and it may show up any day now.

Maybe join the Hangout today for some news from Geoff.

Ooo Hangout, well reminded Christian, thanks. I always get distracted, fingers crossed I don’t get called away in the next 25 mins.

Wow, amazing title in that blog.

Because changing the keywords is the only thing that matters to be “Modern” :crazy_face:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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R3 is out this week. I believe Android will also be released in beta.


There’s been no mention of Xojo releasing betas of Android that I’m aware of

anyone give a f**k?
anyone want to pay for android?

seriously, who in their right mind is willing to pay money to xojo to make android code, even if it was totally functional.


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lets assume you have an android tool that makes the best code available (all of them do, except xojo)

lets assume the best tool that’s out there is free.

you make an android app
you publish it
everyone wants it for nothing
you lose money because you have to support the app that no one will pay for.

… cant type enough .

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Hmmm it looks like Android is coming to r3 ?

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It’s not just about consumers. It’s about businesses that require an Android app, an iOS App, etc. it completes the circle.

It’s feature complete. I have heard from someone close to the project that it will be released very soon.