Xojo Web 2: WebListBox Styles


May someone remind me of the most efficient / correct / v2021 r1.1 way to style a WebListBox header?

WebListBoxStyleRenderer seems to work for cells, but I couldn’t find an equivalent for the header.

I wouldn’t have thought this a deep question, but after 13 hrs and 40 views, I’ve had no takers on TOF.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi, I am sure you will get less response here, or like this one, completely unhelpful, apart from perhaps, sadly, the answer is no one uses it, so no one knows.

Only typing to you as no one else seems to have anything to say at all.

I’ve not encountered any - yet
So hacking the CSS seems to be the only option at the moment

Thanks Norman,

After digging I’m pretty sure you are right. Hard to believe this is the case 7 releases into the Web 2.0 era.

Kind regards, Andrew

I started web2 last summer. I stopped end of summer, seeing lots of thinks were unfinished, that I could do a lot of tweaking and anything could break at any release
so I decided to wait.
and I’m still waiting today. I have a web app to build, it will be functionnal, but ugly.
seems you can’t use any style anywhere in web 2.


Similarly, I skipped V2020 altogether. I’ve be building my prototypes in bootstrapstudio.io.

I downloaded V2021 R1.1 about one week ago to build a new prototype.

I’m travelling ok with V2021 R1.1.

There has definitely been progress in Web 2.0, but still so much missing or not fully resolved.

Documentation remains lacking as well.

Kind regards, Andrew

I’m sure you’ll get the same explanation they’ve given for everything else - only so many people, only so much time, etc

Then I would say do not sell before ready and sell older but working version and develop to the end. While that case is disgusting at all

What can I say ? :man_shrugging: