Xojo - TooltipImpWin32 runtime error

I’ve got a Windows user reporting a runtime error with the following information:

Common\Tooltip\TooltipImpWin32.cpp: 48
Failure Condition: imp

That’s all the info I can get about when it happens, they’re reporting it through an IT person so it’s very difficult to figure out what they’re doing to get there, but they claim it’s on startup of the app. As far as I can tell/recall, I don’t have any tooltips defined but when I search for “tooltip” there are 1000+ controls that I’d have to click through so that’s tough to see.

Any idea what might cause this and what to look for?

Eek !
thats the entire bug report ?
What version of Windows ?
Patch Level ?
32 or 64 bit ?

Can they turn on mini dumps and grab that when this happens ?

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That’s the whole thing after 3 back and forths. I’ve asked again about the version of Windows, I’m pretty sure there’s no way they’ll be able to do anything more advanced than that. :frowning: They’d be able to run a debug version of my app, but I don’t have any idea where to put code to look for this.

no kidding
and if its a hard crash at app startup there’s nothing you CAN do
it might bee crashing before it ever gets to your code

heck even a screen shot of whatever dialog shows up would be more useful than this

It’s definitely getting to my code, because the screenshot he sent with the error code (attached) shows the main window with data in it. So when he says it’s on startup he could be double clicking the data file to open the app, or he could mean startup=opening the file after opening the app. I keep asking for clarifications and get the same info they’ve already told me, so I guess I’m stuck for now. I was hoping somebody knew what that might be telling me. At least he said clicking “OK” usually lets everything work okay.

Are you using any Plugins or solely Xojo?

Ah ok didnt realize there WAS a screen shot
That does narrow it down a bit
Hard part if thats still a hard crash so its not something I expect you can trap with a try / catch
And no tooltips are dynamically created ? or set ?
The reason I ask is there s small whited out section (unless thats done to preserve privacy etc?)
If not that seems like something is trying to show a tip and fails
Special characters in a tool tip maybe ?
Might need to use something outside Xojo to examine the text files for such a thing

Sorry, I whited out some sections for privacy. I don’t have any tooltips set dynamically that I recall or can find by searching.

Just Xojo.

perhaps same hidden element, I suppose you checked the outline in the IDE with all the elements? I had once such a nerdy bug. An old “forgotten” element, outside of the actual canvas, so I have not seen it.

I wonder if, as Jeannot suggests, there’s some remnant in one of the properties

API 1 or API 2 project ?

Or if its one where there are possibly 2 properties, the old and the new, and we only see one in the IDE ?

Just seems that with that crash that the imp variable in the framework is probably nil

It’s API 1, built in 2020r2. He’s the only one who’s ever reported this, and other people within their company have no problems so I really have zero idea. I’m waiting to hear about his Windows version and if he has any non-English-standard settings. I guess for now I’ll casually poke around a bit more, but I’m totally stumped.

@npalardy well spotted!

I forgot about it (lucky me) but I bumped into this as well one time. Frustrating bug.

and this one as well, though the Inc likes to push you back on such issues, which of course only exist in our brains according to the green company :frowning:

Ditto without much more to go on