Xojo SQLite <dot>DUMP Command Native Code (not shell)

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had created a wrapper for the SQLite API .dump command? I have a need for this in Xojo all platforms including MAS so I can’t rely on the shell. I saw Norman’s old post on the TOF but I don’t have the wrapping skills nor time. I am willing to purchase a right to use etc. Please DM me or email me mikec at 2tab.io

Thanks in advance!

I ran in to the same problem a few years ago while writing my Tadpole DB Manager
What I ended up doing was “the long” way

a series of SQL queries that read from the Metadata and wrote out the schema of each table one at a time. This did not require an special API calls.

I did similar things to make ALTER TABLE seem like it did everything that Oracle did as well :slight_smile:

Cool - Yes I saw that the post on TOF you were the one looking for this and then you wrote it as your DBA expertise surely came in handy I bet :slight_smile:

DUMP is built into the CLI app for SQLite - which isnt sqlite itself
A person would have to mimic or port that portion to Xojo

:slight_smile: I saw your C code post from a few years ago. Thanks Norman for the follow up.

I created a custom SQLIte “Dump” class for Mike… that closely replicates the features available via the SQLite3 CLI dot commands.


Now Mike should Open Source it :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I add a Dump function to the MBS Xojo SQL Plugin for Mike.

Yes and thank you also Christian.

This has been a great opportunity for myself to work with both developers as I have been a customer of MBS (plugins and custom work) for many years and I also have worked with Dave S. (as his software alpha tester and I had purchased a Xojo class from) since 2012. For my specific project this has been a rare situation where I needed both of the work products from both of Dave and Christian even though both products have with similar code outcomes. However, each of their implementations were completely different in which is where I saw/have value. For my specific project I had a need for Dave’s implementation in native Xojo code as Dave has many years as a Sr. Database Administrator (DBA) which gave me feature parameters that was above and beyond what the C project had.

My end result is that I have exactly what I need for my customer’s xplat project with work product’s from two very reliable and capable professional developers. I hope this also can serve as a recommendation for both of these professional developers.

Thank you to @DaveS and @MonkeybreadSoftware!