Xojo sends a clear message!

“ Gabriel Ludosanu has joined the Xojo team as a Content Creator and Marketing Coordinator.”

Sounds a bit like Mrs. Baerbocks 5000 Helmets for ukraine war against russia…

Not sure what you think that clear message is ?

This should be a replacement for Dana - try # 2 or 3 now

But they still haven’t grown the dev team


Why bother when there’s only Citizen Devs left…


Wishful thinking ?

EDIT : maybe they’re training the AI to grow the team that way ?

I have often wondered how well an AI could change code that has gone through human maintenance for decades. I would expect it not to make changes and essentially replace it with a clean slate of it’s own code. Just creating an entirely different set of bugs for the issues it didn’t realize the old code solved.

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AI has no new Ideas beside that what you are doing. That’s the point. Stupid work can be dine by AI. Hard Core engineering not.


To supplement that AI is just a collection of stolen human work and can’t form ideas of its own:

Source bluesky post


Xojo is a zombie already.

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I’ll bet if you examine your own work you spend 80% of your time doing stupid work and 20% of your time doing really progressive stuff. Let the machines write that stupid ass complex regex expression your cleaning up your sloppy formatting of your code. AI certainly has its place.


All human work is just a supplement of stolen human work from others.

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Would benice but:produces bugs faster than you can read. Before I have to read and correct the code like a Donkey I can write it by self in the same speed. Maybe code fragments are usable directly. And the next point is: I don’t like AI listening to me. Dangerous in my eyes.

Presenting my Sourcecode is something I don’t like.

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AI is useful in coding if you know what you want to do but aren’t sure of how to get there or the correct terminology. And since you can build on previous questions/responses it’s possible to drill down in a reasonable manner that’s hard(er) with a pure web search.

Would I use AI for an entire class/module or solution? Nope. Not in a million years. But it’s useful to get code that’s reasonably close and then work it from there.

It’s a way better search tool, IMO, and can do some other things well.


That’s actually wrong.

Please explain how AlphaGo was not just able to beat every Go champion, but came up with new strategies and moves never seen before?

There are those who panic about AI on one end of the spectrum, and a rather arrogant lot “AI can NEVER replace ME” at the other end. The truth - as usual - is in the middle. But you do overestimate YOUR abilities and underestimate AI’s capabilities at your peril. AI is still in its infancy - but it is already revolutionizing Structural Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Neurology, and is moving into Ecology (the networks in Nature are basically made for AI-led analysis). Weather, Climate, Military, etc etc etc

My worry is that if a nation (eg Russia, China) has too big an advantage in Military AI that they will decide to strike (Taiwan, Eastern Europe, Baltics) before the others catch up and the advantage is lost. And being flippant and condescending will be no help at all.

And yes, that is another of my (in this case not so long term) predictions.

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I’m pretty sure that is going to come back and bite you in your behind … :roll_eyes:

Man. No. Developing technology will not work without the ideas behind. And this will not be done by AI. Not now. Maybe later. Sorry but…no.

Let’s be clear on that. YOU were the one saying that “AI” can’t do “it” because it can only repeat what others have come up with.

Bob even put a “not in a million years” on top of that.

That is pretty much like the guys who told the World “It will never fly!” about the Wright Brothers.

Now you say “Man. No. Developing technology will not work without the ideas behind.”

I proved with AlphaGo that this is nonsense - it depends on how you use AI (which is a VERY wide field, not just ChatGPT).

In the case of AlphaGo the breakthrough came when they used TWO Neural Networks, gave them the basic rules of GO, and let them play against each other. And they got better and Better and BETTER. So good that Go master quits because AI ‘cannot be defeated’

Now you are backtracking: “maybe later”

That was in 2019 - that’s FIVE YEARS ago.

FIVE YEARS ago an AI came up with novel strategies and ideas that the smartest GO players did not find in FOUR THOUSAND YEARS. The Humans were convinced they knew all the strategies, and that AI can’t come up with novel ideas. That it can just rehash what others wrote. Just like you.

That GO is more varied than Chess, and people said “Computers might be able to beat a Chess Champion - but they will NEVER beat a GO Champion!”.

That is YOU in a nutshell.

Do you actually know anything about AI? Or do you just press buttons and confidently voice your opinion?

Do you really think that they didn’t apply what they learned? That would be naive in the extreme.

Do you think the Military hasn’t used it? Maybe just follow this google search. And that is just what is being published. Do you think they publish everything that they came up with? :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

Do you know why the Human Race is likely doomed? Because not just the “Elite” but the majority are short-sighted egomaniacs only interested in what benefits THEM and are VERY GOOD at ignoring anything that they don’t like. Just because people here like to share similar opinions and pad each other on the back does NOT mean that they are right. That kind of “concensus” is something that should make you worried about whether you are actually deluding yourself and live in a bubble.

Don’t worry, Japan is already working on this. They’ve built Cyberdyne systems CORPORATE IDENTIFICATION - CYBERDYNE all they need now is to complete their Skynet AI, and partner with Samsung who already has AI enabled autonomous weapons, and the RCNK will be defeated once and for all.

I hear China is working on a “天網” program…

Darn it, it’s all I got.

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First: Technology Development will not work without human. AI is not able to do that. It can program stuffs you describe that you want them. But you loose the control. Definitely immediately. Something what is dangerous.

Next is: I am not and I will never work with a Language like go. Far away from that what I would do. Java, C++, RUST and Python are the languages in use.

Find me the AI which develops an entire Device inclusing Hardware, Firmware, mechanics, Software. Without description of what you want to get. Without the functionality in detail you need. Impossible. TKS and giid night

We wont know Ince we wont be around in a million years :slight_smile:

At least thats my prediction - the we wont be around part :stuck_out_tongue: