Xojo review on MacUpdate

I’ve just posted a review of Xojo on MacUpdate. I think I’ve actually been quite fair. What do y’all think?

I think you staked out a fair middle ground, in a thread that mostly contained one extreme or the other. I’m also struck by the fact that yours was the first comment there in almost three years.

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I’d guess a bunch got added about the same time from a plea by Dana to go post something nice

They did that frequently for various review type sites

So those reviews arent exactly “organic”


Thanks, I was trying to be fair to make up for the glowing reviews that clearly are not organic.

The last one before mine, says Xojo created the reviewer a lot of work, just so they can continue paying for and using Xojo, 5 stars.

The one before that, well that’s an MVP, so I’d expect nothing less than 5 stars and how Xojo is the best development tool in the world.