Xojo reliance on the Internet

My internet was down for a few hours earlier today.
During that time. It took Xojo like 10 minutes to boot up
and then I could not run anything in the IDE… it would just freeze

So exactly when does Xojo attempt to phone home? what does one do when no internet service is available?

I just turned my WiFi off on my laptop and loaded Xojo (not booted it on there for over a week). It loaded instantly. Perhaps a plugin you have?

Nope… I have a standard out of the box Xojo install… no 3rd party anything.

How odd, just tested it on my desktop machine too with Wifi off and it worked fine.

Try turning off your Wifi? It could be that although your provider isn’t providing internet down the line your router still thinks it’s connected so Xojo thinks it has a network connection and is waiting for the timeout.

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That actually might be it… my router never turned “yellow”… but browser couldn’t reach any thing, my TV (Amazon etc) all reported no signal…

Finally rebooted the modem (which I don’t like to do because it controls my phone too)… but that fixed it.

FYI… .during the down time… the phone still worked

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make sure you have check for new versions turned off
this waits until the connection times out which can take a while (2+ minutes)

Exactly. I’ve had this happen in other apps as well.

Check for new versions is [NEVER], as I have no intention of upgrading in the near future.

Once my internet connection returned… Xojo worked fine

With that setting off though I’m surprised
Might have to run little snitch and see what else might be going on when you start
That check off should mean it doesnt connect at all

Isn’t there a license check if you have a connection? Turning off Wifi or unplugging ethernet likely would have let Dave run (depending on his setup).