Xojo promotion - free XDC 2019 videos

Well, I’m a sucker for good deals, so when reading this

In anticipation of the upcoming XOJO.CONNECT 2020 videos, we’re giving away the 2019 conference videos for FREE with any purchase at the Xojo store now through February 21st. No code needed!

I thought “Let’s see …” and went to the Xojo store. Bought SQLvue for $15 (I just hope it’s not the old 2013 version, there is VERY little info given), and yes, got the link to the videos about an hour later when my order was processed.

I’m confused. Why would anyone pay for videos of the conferences? Aren’t they just promotion for Xojo?

Sigh. That’s like saying “Why would you watch Youtube videos - aren’t they just promotion for Google?”

You are not obliged to watch the keynote address, but there are a few useful talks that I’m interested in, like:

  • Xojo Mistakes We All Regret Later - Bob Keeney
  • Get Hooked on Webhooks - Tim Dietrich
  • Advanced Xojoscript: Xojo’s Coolest Feature - Marc Zeedar
  • Rapid Database Development - Bob Gordon

And since it is illuminating to see how others code:

  • TipControl - Reinhard Blumauer
  • Virtuous Code Optimization - Paul Lefebvre
  • Creating a Picture Grid Control for Desktop and Web - David Cox
  • Creating a Search Field with Google-like Predictive Autocomplete - Leigh Roberts

And at $15 (incl SQLVue) I consider this money well spend.

@Meestor_X: The XDC videos are very good, they provide the educational side of XDC (now Xojo:CONNECT). There’s a lot of really useful material in them - it’s not just promotion of people’s third party controls. I leaned a load from the conference.

I can’t attend XDC this year (I would but my wife is running her first half marathon that weekend) so I intend on buying the videos afterwards.

Also, if you get last year’s videos, you get to see my talk when I introduced Roo to the world :smile:.

I’m almost certain it is. Paul Lefebvre stopped the development of SQLVue when he started to work for Xojo.
He was working on SQLVue version 2 but never finished it.

Ah, I see. I probably need to shut up more when I have no idea what I’m talking about. I thought the speeches were from Xojo staff. A bit of research would have probably set me straight. Sorry folks!
Still a complete newb in the Xojo world.

I did the same as MarkusWinter, bought SQLvue for $15.00 :grin:

Note that the “Download all” for presentation slides and code examples doesn’t actually contain “all”, eg if you download the single "Creating a Search Field with Google-like Predictive Autocomplete - Leigh Roberts” then you get the example project, but in the “download all” you only get the pdf.

I informed Xojo that it might be an idea to redo the “Download all”.