Xojo-projects on sale (or where to sell this?)

I am selling some minor projects, basically consisting of the Websites (made with Rapidweaver, original file included) , Domain and of course the XOJO sources (as far as they do not collide with 3rd party sources). To say it straightforward, these are just minor side-projects, spin-offs from long paid projects for customers and they need some love and updates. I think for the past 7 years I’ve only could sell 1 or 2 grants (USD) , enough to pay my webserver fees and xojo licences but well not even close to a large mansion in the wilderness. I’ve dropped my Xojo License and do not sell in Apple Store anymore. I even moved away from Mac and switched to Linux as my major working platform. So maybe these projects find a new home and owner, who is better suited to take care of. For any questions please write an Email.


P.S. please move to another Topic as you see fit, I’ve put this in Consulting…

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