Xojo Pro Plus license?

Have you spoken with some people who had such a license? You should.



I have such a license
There are several others who I believe do as well (Jurg Otter I think has such licenses)

MY experience is “not worth the money”
I have 110 reproducible bug reports that basically have stuck as reproducible and not moved
Things like
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/56765 - compiler order of evaluation bug ?
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/57500 - debugger appears to skip while loop
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/59520 - debugger skips break points
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/55923 - cant overload operator_convert

and this one (which IS only verified but its reproducible in a trivial way)
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/60367 - the app being debugged crashes


I do… but only until it expires :slight_smile:
Then it’ll be back to a standard one (assuming we need a future Xojo version because of OS changes), maybe even no current license until needed. Don’t know yet.

Same here.
Still takes weeks for Xojo to review cases. If you ask, they do get looked at and marked as reproducible. That’s about it (from what I’ve experienced).

(Fast) fixes? Didn’t get one so far… “Maybe, let’s see what we can do”. Not a single one where I haven’t found a workaround got a fix.
So I didn’t get anything we need to improve our existing projects. Instead we got stuff we don’t need (API 2, Web 2). Sure, that’s nice for others. We won’t be using it. At least not in our existing productive projects.

More license activations are nice and convenient. But definitely not worth the money.
So from my personal point of view I don’t see much benefit in a “Pro Plus” license.

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Welcome @jotter !

I have two Pro Plus licenses FWIW.

Do you feel like they are worth the money?

Over the last few years our software company relies on Xojo for revenue. Overall Yes I feel that we are getting our money’s worth from our pro+ licenses. I hope this continues.