Xojo or C# for Websocket Client

I’m wanting to create an app to let me interface with my crypto currency exchange accounts. I would need to be able to interact with the exchange’s websocket, receiving updates, via that socket.

Xojo is so dang easy to use, but would it be too slow? I’m starting to learn C#, and I think development wouldn’t be too bad. There are also existing C# libraries to help me interface with exchanges.

But, if Xojo is capable, I wouldn’t mind building out a MVP with it.


I think there’s even a websocket implementation but I dunno if its a client side or server side thing

EDIT : a yeah - there’s this


MVP = Minimum Viable Product

I saw ktekinay’s class module/library (?). I didn’t consider it because it is very old (in software time reckoning). Do you think it is still usable by today’s modern Xojo?

ok … too damned many TLA’s and that one never crossed my mind :slight_smile:

I would expect that kems module would still work in modern versions
Or at least be adaptable fairly readily

EDIT : Other options may exist but they may involve plugins etc
There could be others but this one I kind of knew of already

Unfortunately Kem’s WebSocket does not include a server implementation, so it can’t listen for messages only send them. I looked into using the library to make a Discord bot but didn’t find enough existing pieces to implement one.

Edit: @cklester I would be interested in continuing my exploration into writing a Discord bot with Xojo, so if you make any headway I would love to participate!

Nice to have your participation here Tim !

I did see this set of Xojo plugins for websockets. I’m still reading through the examples and seeing if this will do what I want. I also expect it won’t be free. I’m hoping whatever it is, if it works, that I can afford it!

Bummer. I would be into any solution except that specific plugin.

Have you used that plugin before? What makes you reject using it?

I had used it in the past for a client project and did not have a great interaction with its author. The interaction has stuck strongly with me for years, and impacts my recommendations to clients.

I can’t say I’ve taken a serious look at its technical abilities, but I don’t so much care to find out.

Edit: it’s / its

Ah, OK. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s too bad when things like that happen in communities. Thank you for being open and honest about it.