Xojo + Libs in other languages


As an aside, can Xojo interact with libraries written in languages other than C/C++?


Really depends on a couple things

  1. make sure calling conventions are the same as C++ or can be declared to be the same
  2. that you export the entry points
  3. that any dependencies on other libs are handled either automatically or you can manually load them

That’s a great tutorial @npalardy thanks.

I’ve asked over on the RemObjects forum if it’s possible to build a native dylib using their C# compiler. If so, I will port the scripting engine I’ve almost finished in Xojo to it. I really am not in the mood to do it in Rust (it’s a pretty complex scripting engine). I doubt something like Dart can be compiled as a dylib (the only other language I’m familiar with).

Could probably just grab the free VS, not VSCode, for macOS and see if it can

I’m guessing it might require using unmanaged code but …

EDIT - skip this as it doesnt appear to be able to create a dylib/dll on macOS (yet)
MS’ focus is on apps it seems

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