Xojo: King of the Workarounds for their own bugs

I’m following this tread on TOF with more and more disbelief. So you are supposed to cron restart your WebApps now in Xojo because of a severe memory leak? What the hell is going on with this company…


that is a testament to the «professionality» of the Xojo team :joy:

And in the same process we see Jeannot’s climb to the MVP throne :flushed::joy:


:joy: indeed, a bit power hungry to be able to close topics I guess…


WTF :open_mouth:

This forum can be embarrassing at times.
If all you can do is copy posts from another forum and ridicule them then you just look sad.


sure, but its mostly for fun :slight_smile:
I’m embarrasing myself all the time, so nothing new there :slight_smile:


:smiley: Sure, but I was being serious in my post. I was genuine in disbelieve when I read that post this morning. But if I had posted that in TOF, I would’ve been banned for a 1000 years…


That’s true, but I believe @s7g2vp2 was refering mostly to me.

But I agree, it is serious, and I’m sorry for derailing from that

Its more the holier than thou attitude.

I’m not defending the situation but Xojo is not the first or last programming language that has required this kind of workaround to keep systems running.

Since it was my discussion with him @Varandor was citing I have to say that the user on xojo Portal was showing out that his horizon is only xojo. He has no Idea what a reliable and simply said consistent programming Language and also IDE can do for the Developer. Yes, I am developing with Java. Am I ashamed? Not at all. Yes, the GUI is not native. No, the GUI is really performant. What is the difference?

The Workflow. Take a look at IntelliJIdea. Or at B4J cause that is one of the most interesting Products for Web, Desktop, IOS and Android.

The sustainability. Java. Not more to say because guarantee of Support until at least 2026 with a much broader Supporter Base, developer Base, vendor Base.

consistency: even Code from 2002 is working after small changes immediately. Try it with Realbasic Files and Xojo, you may have fun.

Functionality: growing and not like XOJO Web shrinking.

So what M. was speaking about. He was speaking about his Horizon and that he thinks xojo is the professional Base for the World. Did he really want to be MVP? I guess yes. Makes it a difference? I guess not. Germans where showing that putting somebody in a uniform and giving him power will bring him to do things a normal would not do.

Only chance: running as fast as you can because there is no consistency, reliability, stability, Support, Patches and so on.

Why I get this: let me say it so. One big Java Vendor I was writing a support ticket to and I have a support contract with was writing within a few days a patch for my problem. At Xojo I have Feedback System. This makes difference between developers and customers. And it makes my error abstract.

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In my opinion, this was to be expected after Xojo’s blog post on in which situations they would consider fixing anything in WE1.

By the way, I believe that blog post was intentionally misleading (check its tittle, then read the entire thing and you will get two very different messages) and vague. It was used to calm down the situation when several people complained about the abrupt transition from WE1 to WE2 (it clearly didn’t have an effect on all angry Xojo users :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


I think this is neither constructive nor fair.

That point is already taken, lets continue the orginal discussion instead

Don’t look for anything behind our remark. It was just an observation we both shared in friendly conversation and had its origin in another discussion where some MVPs seem to enjoy the power that comes with it. I even forgot I wrote that :smiley:


Some of us have no other option but to copy & paste

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You ARE defending Xojo. And earlier you commented on this being embarrassing with the copy/paste. This Forum and the sister Discord were created because of Xojo. They delete posts, delete threads, and ban customers who criticize Xojo. THAT’S what is embarrassing. Folks post here because Xojo won’t allow frank conversations.

Think about that. You can post here and not have to be worried about being banned but no one can do that on the Xojo forums.

This Web 1.0 leaking is just another example of how Xojo is not a professional dev tool. If this was the only issue you’d be correct. But the bugs are all over the place. People can’t even TAB between controls in Web 2.0. It’s nuts.

If Xojo could get their act together, I’d bet that most of us would come back to Xojo. I’d want to know how this won’t happen again.

Xojo says they don’t ship til it’s ready, but looking at Web 2.0, that’s another mistruth. That’s what’s really embarrassing.


And Thorsten was just banned for 1000 years.

Well, that is nothing new with Xojo. Blaming windows, blaming the users, no long term support and half baked new features…

Anyway, about the Workarounds for that topic, I actually had a similar issue with Xojo. I had a WebService (no web pages) It was a really simple one but I saw that memory consumption and It crashed after a day and a half. The only workaround was to restart the app once a day.

But the only FIX after spending many days trying to fix it, was to rewrite it on B4J (took me a couple hours :man_facepalming:t2:). Was not crashing, nor consuming lots of memory andd had a HUGE performance boost, no need for “instances”.

That forum needs reactios :rofl:


Makes no problems for me. As well as I work on my Software not with Xojo anymore they can…I do not want to speak out loud…

Banning someone is not good. On the other hand, he says he no longer uses Xojo but can’t manage to stay away from the other forum to bitch about it.