Xojo is made for Mac Development

I think Xojo is much the same way with a very even Mac/Windows split

That is the answer the can get under my skin the most…

That is not because its not true (I believe it is true) but because not enough thought was given to the feature during the design stage, or because they thought the way they designed it satisfies the mythic “Minimum Viable Product/Feature” criterion …

But that usually actually means “Minimum Marketable Feature” but in practice is a "Maximal Frustration Feature " when one actually goes to use it for anything non trivial.

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If you have to use Windows to use it, it will be useless to me.

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I doubt you’d be alone
VS Mac is different than VS Windows is certainly the case
BUT VS Mac can create a Xamarin project(an x-platform one) so there seems to be hope they will have an x-platform IDE

It just isnt part of the initial Maui beta testing like the Windows IDE is (that I can find)

this is why I have chosen not to pursue more the B4 route, its got almost everything from a final app point of view, but is windows IDE only, and I just feel sick looking at windows os for more than a few minutes, regardless of what anyone else thinks about that, I just cannot bring myself to spend hours in front of my beautiful 27" iMac and work in windows.


Which is one reason I’m, happy to see MS has put on their roadmap comments that make it sound like VS for Mac will eventually support similar developments as VS for Windows

fingers crossed as I’m with you
I CAN work in Windows
I dont WANT to work in Windows

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well… there should be an option, maybe someone on this forum, they write some code and its what everyone wants?

I’d rather try to herd cats :stuck_out_tongue:

I know of at least 2 or 3 different efforts to make “a better IDE”

Just witness the debate about native vs non-native
Or consistent UI vs not across platforms

I think JetBrains Rider is a solid alternative to Visual Studio.
It doesn’t have a GUI form builder, but ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

Rider is the IntelliJ based former ide. It’s the way for Linux and Mac in my eyes

Even the Software life cycle was guaranteed, it’s still hard to sell a Xojo project to companies. Those who care about this never heard about it, cannot find replacement developers, don’t want to depend on just you, find out Xojo is just a small company behind the scenes. The Xojo marketing team should support PRO developers refute these doubts.

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Sadly they decided not to support pro developers. Sadly. But anyhow the customers are deciding. What I got when I switched to Java was that the customers have much more believing in the language. The argumentation is: what is the small company dies. If I Big one Like oracle dies, Java is free and will exist. If Xojo dies, there is nothing behind while there is no need. Nobody is taking care of the license Servers and when you need to change to computer or even only it’s hard drive, your license is History. And the development is ended from that moment on. That is dangerous for the customers and for me as a developer. Rely on Java means for me that I will have all time the control above my Development and the Toolchain while it will be always available for the next twenty years.

That is something the Xojo development can not promise at the moment. But this in combination with a bad quality is a no go argument for all pro users if you want to see it so. Therefore I was changing the development and there is no commercial project in new development with Xojo. I have no other choice of behaving.

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This post says a TON

It’s an assessment based in reality.

Anthony replied gaslighting about how none of those problems are real and all heard before so everything is okie dokie… Ugh.

If you see Christians Idea it may be a little hope for Xojo. But with Java the most stuffs can be done same fast as with Xojo. And Java is a known animal with a long term tradition behind. And with Big development Partners all over the world. Normally I like independent small companies which are doing their own.In case of Xojo there is a problem: they are not doing. And so a big Startup is gone for Xojo. While there is even no dev which wants to use it. Why? Read this and the top forum and you’ll get immediately.

big companies putting money into a tool means its unlikely to disappear

not impossible (see VB6 but it still soldiers on despite MS)

A small team & niche tool ?
The entire company could be bought and Xojo made “internal only”
I’ve seen that happen and anyone who relied on it it SOL

There are risks
Anyone claiming there arent is kidding themselves

Which is why, with all my concerns about Xojo’s future, I’ve begun the slow process of rewriting my app using .NET.

When they did that, I swore up and down I’d never use .NET. Don’t remind the guy who wrote the first part of this comment. :slight_smile: But that’s how I ended up finding Xojo/RB.

This is why I rewrote my stuffs in Java und got outa there

VB6 was released in 1998. It had active support for a DECADE, until 2008 with 6 Service Packs that fixed bugs and made some improvements. Even after that Microsoft has launched security updates bot for the SP6 and for the runtimes and that is direct support for the product. (Not to mention that my 20 years old apps that are used today can run on the latest windows 10 or windows server OS…)

with xojo, it is a gamble, you purchase a new licence to fix one bug and pray that the new releases dont have more new bugs that make them unusable for your proyects.
That is why the tdd-contractor in the other post complained about the licence and the the release model.

Same here :sweat_smile:


totally agree

one of my clients still uses vb6 day in day out today :slight_smile:

and the runtimes for VB apps are still supported and ill be for some time as far as I recall

I started with vb3 in the early 1990’s and worked for an MS Premier Solution Provider for several years