Xojo IDE Navigation #7

Good afternoon fellow Xojo expats,

I’m mocking up some ideas in xojo (50/50 on whether i’ll push forward) and am a bit annoyed with how slow it’s become. I’ll spare everyone the details as that’s not my main purpose with this thread (and Normal has already given me tips to get it a bit more usable, but still… not optimal).

On the roadmap item #7 is an upcoming change to xojo navigation. Has anyone seen what this will look like? I know in the past Geoff would do previews at conferences. Related question, has there been any surveys or request for feedback on the new navigation? As someone who endured the transition to the current system i was surprised how it just suddenly came on the scene with no real input from users. I’m hoping that lesson was learned and the upcoming change at least had a small focus group. Maybe the MVP’s at least?

As I’ve said, I’ve been gone so I don’t know the answer to this. I’m genuinely not trying to stir up a rant thread here. Just trying to get an idea where the product is going. Also, I’m keenly aware that roadmaps can take an astonishing amount of time so no need to warn me that it may be years down the line.

I’m interested in any meaningful discussion of the current or upcoming navigation.



there is/was a presentation at one of the XDC’s
just cant find which one

I see it mentioned in this 2018 recap (6:30 mark) but alas, no video or screenshots.

Yeah I dont recall it getting a ton of air time
Maybe in the keynote for 2017 or 2018

XDC 2018 Keynote, starting at 39:30