Xojo IDE Communication

So, in an IDE script, this works fine:
ConstantValue("Globals.kUser") = "Andy"

In the IDE Communicator, it gives a script error. (The test Script works fine)
Does the communicator need a different format for Script commands or something?

I’m using

ConstantValue("App.kMaxVersion") = MaxVersion

in an IDE Communicator script. What error do you get?

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, bizarre “bug” in the IDE Communicator app. (Really an issue with the “smart quotes” function in MacOS, I guess). As soon as you change any text in the Script window at the top, you’ll get a “this item does not exist” error.

Turns out the cause is the text area is changing the " to a different kind of double quote that the script compiler doesn’t like. Hard to see because the 2 quote types look the same!

How do I get a text area to stop “auto correcting”? Turning off spell check doesn’t change that.

What a PITA to fix!

or just disable smart quotes system wide
Preferences > KeyBoard > Text > Use Smart quotes & dashes

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