Xojo Hmmmm 🤔

I would not single out staff. In such an environment only yes-people survive. Others leave or are walked out. We all know at which end the fish begins to smell…

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There are specific staff that have cause more damage than others. I was banned by the Administration for calling out the bug problem.

I know, but they are just henchmen, not more.

I no longer have a Xojo business in large part because of their decisions. But I’m not sure it’s class-action lawsuit material. Even if it won we’d all get, what, $100 if we were lucky?


become a digital mausoleum? become??? hmmmmm…

Small hint: if you ever want to attract a lawyer or a law firm to it you may have describe how it was harming your business in detail, what amount of money you lost and what amount of money you have to spend to get out of the dangerous situation. Also you have to describe how they do this and why they are guilty and you need evidence that they have done that on purpose. All of this will be a bit more than three sentences. But only then you may have a bit of success.

That is exactly the question. You can get only money if you can give the needed evidences for it and that they are guilty for it. If you can’t provide that…story ends

especially if a boss could simply have himself certified as insane. This is complicated for some patients, while for others it can happen quite quickly …

Should not loose the concentration on the project. but many people do.

Xojo online documentation for versions earlier than 2022r1 no longer accessible.
Burning bridges…

Just download that Xojo version and you still have offline access. If you don’t want to keep all the Xojo binaries just move the doc files somewhere else. Don’t blame Genius if you don’t have appropriate processes in place!! They Green Company knows exactly how you should work!!! Not everything was bad in the Stone Age …

That’s interesting, I was complaining about that practice when they deprecated 2019R3.2 and the documentation disappeared. Ah, did I mentioned that, under Linux, there was no local docs and there was also no way to use the feedback system= Haha, that’s the way they do it…money for nothing…chicks for…


Disciples in action :dotted_line_face::

I don’t know any pro dev which knows Java, C++ or others which would ever say that about Xojo. Why would he? No sense. It is like it is. The people in Xojo environment having all a bit Coolaid in their Blood.

From https://book.stevejobsarchive.com

Interview with Michael Moritz

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Yes. He did that. With NEXT for example. And looking on it it is not comparable with any story of any programming language. While it is a different thing. Jobs was building a computer with its operating system. And still that wasn’t any form of perfect. It needed the inventions of others. BSD. The BSD operating System is the base for MacOS. And there was exactly that part needed to make it for the market a kind of perfect.

Xojo has the same leaks. It has a basic functionality. It is not an adult programming language like C, C++, Java and it has nearly no Ecosystem. Xojo has also no real functionality others don’t have. Nothing what you can do with Xojo you can’ do with C++. Using a GUI System for it you can also write Cross Platform with C#. Ao what? Xojo is out of state of the art technologies. That is a fact they can’t change anymore.

And exactly that is the point of no return. While Xojo can’t innovate against the others. they have nothing “special” only doable with Xojo language. Nothing. It is an invention less package. They have no chance to have functionality like C#, Java, C++ and many others.

And so they have no “special thing” to get more customers. They will never grow into the mid of the market. It is a niche product with a really small user base. That’s it.It is reality. If there would be an invention we could speak about then it is the basic concept of cross platform. but this Ideas were there before two decades. and in that times Xojo was not even thinking about that and was named real basic.

Java was the XPLAT King of this times and still is when looking on it. The chances and possibilities of using Java for any platform are quite bit more comfortable than doing that with Xojo.

And there is exactly one question coming up: wh people speak about Xojo like it is an invention from Steve J.the II. I have no Idea. I tried to get that out but I could not. And I still have no Idea.

Again: if there would be a Job you could not get done with Java I would understand all of that. But there is none. Exactly none.

And that is also a big apple problem. They aren’t thatch innovative like with Steve Jobs. He was an innovation motor. That is needed to be always in front. only lucky decision they made within the last years: M1 and successors. Best Idea ever. that was innovative and nearly destroyed the Desktop market.

Smells a bit like: if they would not have stopped the RISC Development they could be there without ARM corporation. And yes, I guess that makes Apple bigger. if there is a VR System or not. Makes no Difference.

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Steve Jobs:

It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.


Exactly. the assembly of a successful team. Hire smart people. They can tell you what to do


From the linked article about characteristics of “smart people”:

Yeah that’s me although I don’t know that it’s exactly a badge of honor, lol

Most of the listed characteristics are horse-pucky though, IMO. The only one that I think is really actually valid as a marker of intelligence is curiosity.

All that said, yes, if you hire people who are smart, for god’s sake listen to them or you’ll lose them.


This is ubiquitous to all different types of intelligence.
Intelligence can be in the social, technical, mathematical, physical (think sports) or many, many other domains.

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