Xojo has promised to have pre-emptive threading (no timeline though)

Wow. Threading was long time whished feature.

(MBS Xojo Developer Conference: Thursday - #12 by Christian_Schmitz - Events - Xojo Programming Forum)

getting makes it sound like “next week”

which makes it sounds more like they haven’t started

preemptive threads WONT operate during debug runs so you’ll have the same less that ideal set up with workers and can really only test them in a BUITL version :frowning:

and realistically it will take a long while, like everything has with Xojo, to get the first cut and then iron out the bugs
It could be a very long while before they prove to be useful

SO dont get your hopes up too high right now

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Not working in Debug mode. Wow. What shall that be? Maybe my Ideas are a way to… but Xojo is all time good for bad good news. This is not usable at all. How shall that work? Can’t debug like I need to? I have no Idea. And no words for that.

If it turns out anything like workers kind of crappy since what works in Debug with workers may not work with them in a built app

So you have to resort to some hand grown printf style debugging to a log file to debug them using a built app

Its f*ugly

Lets say this
I’m NOT holding my breath about it because, like so many other things what they promise & what gets delivered dont often match
VERY skeptical they can deliver on this in a meaningful way or decent time frame


Ahhm sorry but that is more than outdated. Then I could go back two decades. They have no multithreading while nobody will reALLY WORK WITH THIS… Sounds like a bad try to bring a new technology. Shows that they have no technology guy to do that really. Maybe they should think about refitting to API 3 and use kotlin syntax. Then they have a nice compiler and can work along exactly that.

I might suggest updating the title to more accurately reflect that there is no timeline on this.

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That means nothing. They have so many things without timeline. Android was without. And that came blazing fast if I remember correct. Shit dementia…

ESP since Xojo has NOT committed to it being in the next version
More a someday we’ll have it based on reports from the @MonkeybreadSoftware conference

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Tell me again how long it took to add Android support…


Why did the multi-threaded chicken cross the road?

to To other side. get the


one lesson everybody here learnt from Xojo:

it’s ready when it’s shipped… and even then it is still unfinished, buggy and awful…


If it is still unfinished (which is usually is) then it was not “ready” when it was shipped


well there’s the “promise”

It will start to appear in 2024r2 (screen shot taken JUST for posterity)

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Upgrading the debugger is no priority. It will be a testing nightmare.


Yes, that was his reply to me. So is he saying that shipping the shiny is a priority over proper implementation? That was sort of my read–but I’ll say that here, not there. :slight_smile:


Hm…didn’t seem ‘practical’ when a customer was willing to pay for the feature. But hey, now that that customer has moved on we will take a stab at it and give you something that may or may not work! And we’ll dribble out classes if/when we decide to!


My limited understanding is that like workers they wont use preemptive threads in debug runs, and will use threads like they do for workers
And only in a built app will it use preemptive ones

That will, like workers, mean debug runs are quite useless for debugging built app behaviour since they use two entirely different mechanisms


…and as Geoff told me (quite explicitly), that is not a priority. Oh yes, he did qualify with “maybe someday…”


at least a worker can be kind of built as a separate console helper then the code mode over

so you can debug that twice (yay !)

preemptive threads need to be debugged in situ so you have some hope of isolating where you need mutes, semaphores, etc

yes its not a trivial “hey look we’re buzzword compliant” thing
its a LOT of work
but if you want to be more than buzzword compliant then you do the work

the responses I’ve seen so far lead me to believe its yep we can check that one off the roadmap and list it on the sales brochure! Next !

< cough> iOS … Android … Web … </ cough >

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