Xojo & Git

Obviously for Git to be of any use with Xojo, I have to change the Xojo save format to text.
I have 3 choices for save types:

  • Xojo Binary Project
  • Xojo XML Project
  • Xojo Project

I figured Xojo Project would be text-based, and it is sort-of, but I can’t see any files that show my code.
All I see when I save is:

Build Automation.xojo_code

None of these have my code within them, just support files…
What am I missing?

well yes those files DO have your code in them… as well as some being support files.

App.xojo_code has the APP CODE
Window1.xojo_window has the GUI and code for Window1
if you had Modules they would be in .xojo_code

They definitely do contain all your code
I use tools like BBedit, a wonderful text editor, all the time to edit them

Or are you referring to the xojo_project file ?
That one is JUST a manifest of all the files that make up a project + some project wide settings

Sorry, I guess I didn’t scroll far enough. I thought Window1 was simply the definition for the window settings. Further down is the code, albeit not highly readable withe the #tags but I’m sure I’ll get used that!

Sorry, folks!

Reading it this way definitely encourages pulling all the code out of the Window!
A bit more difficult to see what it is I wrote, and what is code/settings done by xojo…

Is there a git plugin for the Xojo IDE?

No, but I would recommend Fork

And it wouldnt help that much anyway as the IDE doesnt live reload
So if you pushed chnages into git xojo wouldnt notice and pull them in live
Nor would it know what to do with the code inthe IDE that you had altered that is now being pulled in
It just wasnt ever architected for such a thing

Best you CAN do is just “revert to saved”
I do this frequently in the IDE with my svn & git repos when I have to pull in other changes

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Any reason why Fork over GitHub Desktop?

Both would work
I use both sourcetree & git hub desktop

Fork is cross platform native for one!
(GitKraken is another Electron based one to avoid)

The last time I looked at GitHub Desktop it was like FisherPrice Git. It is quite possible a lot has changed since.

Another thing I liked about Fork was it’s similarity to Versions for Subversion which helped me learn and understand Git. The verbs with Git can be confusing early on.

I love Fork so much I tell everyone about it.

I’ll likely just use VS Code, since I use it for everything else.

i use VSC alot too. but on a Mac I use Fork as my git client. very nice app.

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Thanks, @scott . Any particular reason you prefer fork to the built in git handling in VS Code?

if you work on teams (lots of people working on same code base) the fork app is nicer about working with merges, rebases, diffs, etc. if you are the only person working on the code then it doesnt matter.

the fork UI is just a much nicer UI to git.

ALL MY OPINIONS… yours will differ