Xojo future?

That I got. It has a future. But not as a professional Development environment. It is what it is. For hobbyists, for Non-Developers. For people with simple applications. Reaching the borders let’s end up the ability to write a project with it. Except you love pain.

Oh trust me I’m more in the “gee we _should rewrite this in something else from any entity that values professional developers” camp

I just do not get to make that final decision
But I can push :stuck_out_tongue:

With your Customers it is another story…they decide what they want to at the end

I too was willing to pay for it in the hopes that I could get them to focus on things I cared about, but after a conversation with Dana, I realized that there was no assurances of anything, except I’d be paying $2,000 more than I needed too.

I’ll be honest, I am surprised that FileMaker is still around. So with that I feel that Xojo is probably going to be around for a while, however I don’t expect their market share to grow, I think it has been shrinking for longer than we’ve been aware and I expect to continue to decline.

Beyond that, I don’t see how they can be here in the next 20 years, but then again, FileMaker…

Here in Europe, FileMaker lost many customers over the last two years. Developers are scarce and younger FM devs virtually don’t exist, which prompts even more customers to replace the product.
Claris is backed by Apple, which means they can’t go bankrupt. Xojo Inc is about 10 times smaller than Claris.
Both vendors recently played the trick of hiking prices by about 30% in order to compensate for lost customers. How many times will that work for such a small company?

Another similarity: both companies disregard developer needs and have engaged in a failed product strategy.


As long as they find enough customers to pay the debts they exist, so simple.

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10 ?
I’d guess maybe 40 - 50 times smaller
Claris annual revenue is reported sporadically between 75 and 100 million
Xojo’s somewhere around 2 million (varied reports)

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Time will come that we won’t talk about Xojo any longer on INN. Then, and only then the end is close :slight_smile: . Approx. 5 years after this will happen :-). So we are less than one mobile platform away from the end :slight_smile:

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While there are no published figures, Claris surely started seeing the impact of it’s ‘new product suite’ strategy, with FileMaker now in the death row, at the bottom line. My guess is a figure somewhere below 75 million.

Ya mean Xojo Android will be released by then?

no :slight_smile: -

I added the smiley only because …

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 16.46.23


It’s nuts how they are pushing Claris Connect. I don’t know ANYONE using it or even hear it mentioned by other Devs.

Their gem is FileMaker, but they don’t seem to appreciate it. They could take over the market with the right pricing, but nope.

Story is the same with Xojo. They could have fixed bugs, but nope.

Evernote, Dropbox, etc. So many companies just refuse to hear from their users as they know better… :thinking:


It is a true shelf warmer, nobody wants it. After cutting the price two times, in a desperate move they bundled it with FileMaker, dubbed ‘Claris connect and Claris Pro’ and adding some early alpha stuff ‘Claris Studio’. The bundle is 30% more expensive than FileMaker alone - and people and businesses don’t show much interest. If Xojo’s forum became a quiet place, Claris’ forum is a graveyard.


I’m so glad we have INN where we can compare stories.

FM / Xojo gaslight us so much, but if we all talk we find out we’re not as nuts as we think we are. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure it’s one of the reasons why Xojo wants you to email them directly rather than communicate on the forums. By keeping questions and answers private, others can’t learn about the topic.

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I wonder if we should relocate those companies to Europe next winter. They could alleviate gas shortages for the entire continent.

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Just going off of public reports of revenue #'s so maybe you’re right
I cant imagine they’ve seen any kind of renaissance given the enormous price hikes they’ve piled on over the last few years

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I had a recent email exchange with Geoff where “We should get on a call” was the preferred option
I demurred and said I’d prefer a public discussion in the forums
In part because I wanted EVERYONE to see what was being said, and also as a matter of record

That was declined and the conversation never happened

Being open & public about things with “the community” used to be fairly normal
Now its all private mail hello@xojo.com, pm’s, unrecorded FaceTime calls, etc

its disappointing
But its become the norm


Piped in heat from all the hot air ?
Like in Iceland ?

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Try to argue with a gambler that gambling is not good.

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