Xojo Forum is down

They move to new software :slight_smile:

and back live with same forum software as here.

not for me, or a few others I’m chatting with elsewhere

Thank you for the information.

Still down here (on macOS).

Funny, on the same MacBook Pro, but on Windows 10 VirtualBox, another page is displayed (not the forum), but on macOS I get the maintenance page.

Yeah, it definitely looks…uh…familiar. LOL


They must think I’m an Asgardian …

3020 ??? really ???

I thought you had been logged in and posting there recently ?

Nope. I could log in (so I see which topics I had read, or got new content), but not post or send pms. Now I can’t even log in.

go figure

Markus, I can’t even get that far… I’m not even allowed to login to my Xojo account (it won’t let me change the PW), and as such I can’t do anything but read as a “guest”

EDIT… I’m also suspended for next 1000 years…

Works fine from here.
I had to login to the forum, which sent me to Xojo website.

AFAIK @MarkusWinter & @DaveS were both suspended and remain suspended

But on the good side, both of our suspensions now have a documented reinstatement date…

June 25, 3020

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Missing the point completely … :wink:

Apparently they are being really optimistic about your prospects for a long life :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that they synch’d it with the next time they expect me to renew my Xojo subscription

doesn’t the new xojo forum look similar to this site?

should, since it is the same software, just a more strict configuration

I’m touched they decided to replicate this site…


Remeber that problem with people finding old code no longer working with Api2?

Well, no more old references in search engines :rofl:

I know, I know, it is still there and this forum has a decent search engine. But thousands of links in search engines no longer work