Xojo Forum : BS - Msgbox Width

I do not know if this is of any value, but I just needed to do this same thing in Swift
and here is what I found

  let newWidth : CGFloat = 400-270 // NEW Width is 400 (270 is old width)

        // update width constraint value for main view
        if let viewWidthConstraint = alertController.view.constraints.filter({ return $0.firstAttribute == .width }).first{
            viewWidthConstraint.constant = newWidth

        // update width constraint value for container view
        if let containerViewWidthConstraint = alertController.view.subviews.first?.constraints.filter({ return $0.firstAttribute == .width }).first {
            containerViewWidthConstraint.constant = newWidth

perhaps someone can make a custom subclass using this information for BS


Would help if a link to the original is included (that thread was 4 years old so I hope I got the right one)

Actually… it was in reference to something Beatrix posted in regards to how MsgBox displays in BigSur… coincidece that you found an actual Xojo Post with the title I used… LOL

Unfortunately there’s currently no way to get in and manipulate the MsgBox or MessageDialog as the handle is not available.

I have a feature request for it, but it’s not been “handled” yet. In fact pretty much everything I’ve filed in the last 12 or so months appears to have been ignored.

So it means that I must create a NSAlert class in code, just to change a few little things.