Xojo for Web !?

I just read this post.

It is not related to Xojo but it is about using why not to use Delphi (or for that matter Xojo) for web development…

Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed reading it.



Good article.

The right tool for the right task. That’s why I’m also suspicious of the fights between e.g. gophers and rustaceans, especially when both shoot at each other against nodejs, or nodejs gurus who rail against everything else.

But all the languages mentioned can also integrate the other languages, the feature is missing in tools like Xojo (at least it is cumbersome). That alone speaks against closed tools. Somehow you only hurt yourself with it, and you overcomplicate things that are trivial in 2023.

And exactly this complexity or these requirements did not exist in this form in the early days of Xojo.

The world keeps turning faster, at least faster than Xojo, and now Xojo, with their solutions (which are often still not quite finished), faces a changed world. That may still be enough for a clientele that hasn’t developed further themselves (no reproach, just viewed in a very sober way), but I don’t think that it can still convince committed, younger programmers. On the contrary, in the best case they will only show respect that it can also be implemented in a complicated way.