Xojo Feedback Ranking

Reading the thread about the Uint comparison bug, people are talking about points and ranking of bugs. I don’t understand the Ranking system, can someone explain how it works and how a feedback item is “voted” on or it’s rank is raised?

“My Top Cases” shows 0 points for all my reported bugs. What does that mean?

You only have points when you have an active license.

My last license expired almost a year ago, so, no points for me either.

I want some bugs fixed to even think about spending on a new license.

Xojo says that I must spend money first on a license so they can ignore my points anyway :rofl:

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Awesome. Pay to help. Yuck.

This is the exact reason as to why I have stopped renewing my license with Xojo.

  • API 2.0 doesn’t benefit me.
  • Refusal to implement an option so that new projects can be created against API 1.0, slows me down and makes using Xojo frustrating.
  • In the last year of my license, none of my “top” cases gained any traction. I am aware that only one of my open cases actually got resolved, but the case wasn’t updated. I only found out recently (it was implemented in 2019r2).
  • I have tried talking to Xojo engineers, to Geoff, petitioning to get some traction on my cases. So far nothing has worked.

If I was able to continue using Xojo 2018 in Big Sur, I would instantly.

What hurts the most is reading the comments from Geoff on the “official” forum, makes me feel like I am a second class citizen as I am not part of their target audience.

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I’m hoping this is just a “transition” and they’ll kind-of regain stability later. May not be in the near future, and the frequent users may not be us again, but perhaps…

This “transition” has been going on for a LONG time, and shows no signs of ending

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Yes, I agree.
My hope is that they have made such a huge mess that regaining a stable product would take a lot of time and we can’t even see any sign now (well, as plausible as knowing what happens in a black hole, I recognise…).
Somewhat like a house that burnt and you build a newer one from that (sanitise, clean up, re-build, etc.), I guess.
Just not wanting to be forced to use C style/non native/Windows-targeted programming (etc.). Xojo is still “ideal” for me and I strongly don’t want to change.

Yes, if you don’t have a license, the logic is that your opinion is of less value. This is intentionally how we set it up. And for feature requests, I’d argue that is reasonable, as there’s a chance the feature could be implemented but you still don’t purchase. The counter to this is that you might not purchase without said feature.

But for bugs… I have a hard time arguing in favor of this. More reason I feel the ranking system is fundamentally flawed. It’s really interesting how opinions change when you’re on the outside.